Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Honda Element Review Site

Talk about Honda, and one thing comes to mind – sleek and impressive design. This Japanese brand has been making waves in the automobile industry, and I believe many agree that it is quite a class of its own.

Well, now, it has a new offering – the 2008 Honda Element, which is like a crossover SUV and 4WD (apparently this model is already in the USA for a while now).

Review Site
Anyway, today is not about just the review of this new car model, but more so a place where car enthusiast can actually get quality reviews of their dream cars.

Under this site, one gets to know the car in a few formats better. First, there is a thorough review by the Editor. For example, his experience of the honda element car - he likes the style, huge commanding view, flexible rear seats and kid-proof interior. However he mentions that the car is rather noisy as well.

If like me, you don’t like a review without a conclusion, then you need not worry here. For at the end of it, this reviewer will tell you who the car he reviews is suitable for.

Like for the 2008 Honda Element, he says that it is “a great choice for drivers who need lots of storage room and a spill-proof interior”.

In fact, this car did not too bad with a 7.8 (out of 10) rating - based on styling, performance, comfort & quality, safety and features.

More Than Just Editor's Views
And interestingly, if you don’t like to just hear from the Editor’s opinions/ reviews, one can also seek other opinions. There are reviews from fellow car experts to even the very people who purchased the cars themselves – the consumers.

There is also a segment on related news about the car brand - though I find this not too necessary. But then again, it helps for those who are not familiar with the brand.

The Best Part Of The Site
But most of all, what I like about this review site is the rather huge gallery/ photo segment for the car, showing the exterior and also the interior. This I believe is the utmost importance for any car consumer - to see the visual of the car. In fact, through the pictures, one can roughly gauge the ‘feel’ of the car and see if the car is suitable.

For all car enthusiasts, you can consider this site when purchasing your next dream car... Or when you have the itch to get images for your next car dream goal :)


  1. Honda Element is the boxy version of Honda CR-V :)

    Element is not available in Singapore. I like the Crossroad though. Crossroad is available in Singapore. It looks like a mini Humvee :)

  2. ya its a nice car.. trendy looking. cool

  3. @mockingbird
    yes, its rather boxy heh. oh crossroad, must go check it out :)

    i think for it to last so many years in usa, it must be not too bad heh :)


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