Friday, October 10, 2008

More Kampung

kampung food, donut

Guess where is this? This will give you a clue.

kampung food, donut

If like me, you think donuts are confined to big brand names in upmarket malls, you'll be in for a pleasant surprise.

Well, that's what happened to me the other day. I was once again in a kampung after an appointment not too far away (really). But this time round in another kampung - Kampung Baru Lendu in Malacca (Malaysia).

I've passed this road before, but has never really took time to appreciate the surroundings. However, having a lil bit of extra time that day, I took a slower drive and had a rather good experience.

First, as I was driving, I suddenly saw this display of donuts in a shop. Had thought of trying some, and of course to take some photos as well. But they are not ready. Maybe a next time (wonder when I'll be back).

chinese kampung

Just a little bit further, I saw this... to some, this maybe usual. But for me, I find it unique firstly maybe because I don't see much of this in town (even if there are, a lot are plastic ones put up for Chinese New Year).

Actually, I'm more impressed because in this rather Malay kampung lies a Chinese kampung. This makes it unique to us in Malaysia.

Think about it for a while - where rather huge contrasts live side by side in such distinct styles (and harmoniously, I believe very much so).

kampung, rubber estate

And just a little bit further down the same kampung road (maybe about 50 - 100m away) is the rubber estate.

It reminds me of a friend whose house is also near a rubber estate. And once I visited and had this picture image of the place when it was foggy - what a beautiful scene, captured with memory only.

So now, I'm again near the rubber estate. Well it was not foggy, but the sun is out. Nevertheless, I wanted to capture this image on camera this time round.

The 'atmosphere' is somewhat different if compared to taking on a foggy day. However, I still find it quite interesting, and still very much a unique Malaysian image.

kampung, rubber tree

Just stopping by for a while and capturing these images of the rubber trees gives a very different feel from us zooming by on the highways with the trees on our sides. Here, there is the whole kampung atmosphere.

Well, the not too long road eventually leads to a 'highway'. And the more familiar images are back in view.

*Of those who would like to know more about this kampung area, it's at Lendu, Malacca. Try the donuts!

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  1. Many Western tourists are actually more interested in small towns and villages. They think large cities like KL to be too much like their own countries.

    Tourism Board of Malaysia should promote small towns and villages more.

  2. Quachee,
    The donuts are huge! How much per piece for the cooked one?

    Kampung life is good, to stay away from the busy city. Maybe I should buy a "bungalow" in the kampung next time. :D

  3. Quahcee, sorry for the delay to reach out to u... your blog was accidentally deleted from my blog and I have just added it back when I received my present from u...
    Many thanks...
    When u hv time, do visit my blog.. I dedicate my today's post to u...

    hope u dont mind..

  4. I don't really fancy donuts but don't mind trying one so as to compare the kampung donut with J Co or Big Apple.
    Nice photos of the rubber estate. I like the kamoung environment too. Such a big change from my city life! : )

  5. u have succeeded in making a good write up from quite an otherwise mundane every day scene. congratulations. the pics helped a lot.

  6. didn't get a chance to visit Malacca when I was back last year. Maybe next time. Rubber estate would have been an interesting visit for my kids.

  7. i love donuts! but the plain one of course. i don't fancy those with topping.

  8. @khengsiong
    great feedback. actually, i think they do promote it overseas. in fact, if not wrong, in the usa and other markets, they promote sabah, sarawak and our islands more.

    they also have the homestay programs, which ive known some foreigners signing up for.

    (hope i dont sound like a gov person haha).

    in any case, i agree, that yes, our kampungs are beautiful and should be promoted :)

    didnt ask the price, but will ask if i go there again ya :)

    oh yes, on bungalows in kampungs, they are nice. i like mine near with a beachfront :) (think langkawi hehe)

    many thanks for the post. i think we share the same passion & interests for malaysia :)

    the donuts craze has been around for a while already huh.. but u know, ive only picked up the craze... this because now, the queue is much less, and there are many more shops :)

    thank you. actually, its the view i saw that made this post :) (and yes, the pics + camera helped)

    yes, a rubber estate will give you a good photo experience. try it at different times of the day! :)

    oh really? haha i thought most people love the toppings. but i guess they are a lil too sweet heh :)

    heya u spotted it haha. i wonder how it taste :)

  9. hei!thx for visiting my blog..i do live in Malacca for 4 years bt i never know got this kind of home-made donut?

  10. Haha...rubber trees, palm oils, coconut name it, I've tried to climbed it! :P

    I love the village very much. Used to grow up in one which was also happens to be situated by the sea with paddy fields, rivers, 'benteng', mangroves and swamps too.

    Aww...I miss my childhood time. Such sweet memories they were. Nice writeup about the village scene and life. Love it max! :))


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