Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nasi Kandar And More

nasi kandar, ayam goreng (fried chicken)
One of the Malaysia food I look forward to when back is the nasi kandar.

I still remember that I was first introduced to nasi kandar long long ago in Penang. Now it has become so popular that nearly everywhere else also has the nasi kandar, some calling it the nasi kandar Penang.

nasi kandar, curry
The variety of the curries are so tempting. Add that with the delicious fried chicken plus the local teh tarik brew ('pulled' tea).

Sometimes, the curry gravy seem to 'drown' the meat inside, and I have to ask to see what is the meat to know if its curry fish, chicken or mutton.

More Than Nasi Kandar
Anyway, this time round, its not really about the nasi kandar food, as I believe nasi kandar is about the same nearly everywhere. This stall's nasi kandar was pretty good. Of course, the extra sedap (delicious) ones with many varieties are really in Penang and KL.

nasi kandar, counter
What caught my eye is actually while making payment. Yes, again, it may seem ordinary. But it reminded me of childhood days when I would go up and buy the chewing & bubble gums from the kopititams... and they were stored in these very same containers.

(You know those bubble gums which has a tatoo thing in their folder?)

I had to reach up to open the rather highly placed containers, sometimes asking the auntie of the shop for help. But usually, the auntie will help even before asking, and with a smile.

If not wrong, it was really cheap - bout RM0.05 or was it RM0.10 only.

Such fond memories - makes me sound old haha.

nasi kandar, malaysia flag
Another thing that caught my eye is this Malaysian flag at the counter. Ah, so patriotic heh. Strange for the flag to end up there, but anyway, it was nice seeing the flag at the counter.

Cyberjaya Nasi Kandar
While at this, I think I'll also share another nasi kandar outlet I visited recently. Again, its really not about the nasi kandar, but some other things that caught my attention.

nasi kandar food
Was there recently and the meeting ended rather late in the afternoon. So I stopped at the first restaurant I saw.

You can say I was hungry as it was not after I ate my lunch that I saw these on my table. They were right in front of me - bananas & eggs.

nasi kandar, banana and egg
Well I've seen bananas, but eggs? And bananas with eggs? Some kuihs would havbe been good.

Anyway, thought it was rather unusual - again, at least for me. It was hard boiled eggs some more (did I hear right?).

It made good photography experience, though I guess some may say I've been 'away' rather too long haha! :)

*I visited the Malacca nasi kandar outlet after the kampung. The Malacca one is on the way to Alor Gajah (from town). I can't remember where is the Cyberjaya one, as I reached there by coincidence.


  1. Yeah! I remembered that one. The tatoo ones. Ha =) Looks like you are darn hungry huh!

  2. quachee,
    I've never tried nasi kandar! haha! I think I'm so not Malaysian. :P

    I remember those sweets too! Last time bought it two for RM0.10. So cheap! I think it's 3 for RM0.20 now or has it already increased?

  3. Whylah have to torture people like me....

    my fav. nasi kandar will be in Makbul Restaurant in TTDI...very sedap and clean restaurant too.

  4. hey there :D

    Thanks for dropping by at my blog :)

    hope to see u more often :)

  5. Nasi kandar is seriously not cheap, especially those famous ones! But I like... LOL.

  6. Nowadays nasi kandar is everywhere! And they are doing pretty good business! Even though not exactly cheap, people still like to eat there. As for me, I only go there once in a while - though the food is delicious, I sometimes find it too rich and oily.

  7. bet u never experienced it as u r young. when i was younger a man 'kandar' his rice n dishes on his shoulders n sold to us.we would sit on the stool he brought n eat. there were two baskets slung over his shoulders. hence the name nasi kandar

  8. ..they forgot the toyu (kicap) next to the eggs lol

    it's really rare to see bananas anymore at kedai nasi kandar, isnt it?

  9. The meat is drowned is some brown sauce? :P Hehehehehe...sounds like mystery food.

    Nasi Kandar is a cuisine, is it not? I'm a bit confused. Because of the bananas and eggs~~ Sorry~~

  10. my stomach is very sensitive now and i try to avoid nasi kandar. nasi kandar is delicious but they way they re-heat the cooking is not a good idea. what do you think? =)


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