Thursday, October 02, 2008

Malaysia Book Update 19: To Singapore & Contest Winners

malaysia book

To Singapore!
I'm glad to say that finally, after a fair bit of delay, the books are in Singapore. It was just 2 days ago that all arrangements to bring it in have been settled.

It's quite interesting to note that while the first book (Batik Inspirations), was from Singapore exporting to Malaysia, but it is the other way round instead for the 50+1 Malaysia book.

This is mainly because the 50+1 Malaysia book is a Malaysian publication, published by our company in Malaysia.

malaysia book
There was a fair bit of things to learn, like GST (government service tax) and also some documentation. However, on the whole, the process was relatively easy.

The delivery people came to heritage Malacca once again. One part I would like to share - I mentioned "jam besar Melaka" (Malacca's clock tower at the famous Stadhuys) as a landmark to the driver.

And when the driver arrived, he mentioned "Itu you panggil jam besar ah? I tengok macam kecik/ kecil sahaja". (That one you call big clock tower? I thought it looks rather small only)... isn't jam besar = clock tower? haha.

(Apparently it's his first time to Malacca town).

malaysia book

Anyway, he and his partner arranged the books into the lorry, and in a while, off they went.

But before he left, he was nice enough to say "You nak ambik gambar ah.. nanti ah" (You want to take photo? Wait a while...). And I thought he was not going to allow me to take photos.

Instead, he turned on the lights in the lorry for me to take better pictures. Wow, this is a good start! (those who believe in feng shui! haha).

So, I'm glad to mention that the books is finally now in Lion City Singapore! (it should have already arrived, but will be in bookstores these few days or so! :) ).

Contest Winners

Another announcement I would like to make, is on the I LOVE Malaysia Blogger's Contest.

Glad to announce that everyone who are pinged back are the winners. We've waited till September 16 (Malaysia Day) to announce, but I was a lil tied up then.

Anyway, to the winners, Thank You for participating & Congratulations!

You will be receiving the 50+1 Malaysia book sometime this week or next! Another hooray! :)

Just a note, we are still opening the contest for round 2 should there be any other interested bloggers out there (Malaysia is still 50+1 heh). Also, do help me spread the word, if you can, as I'm looking to reach 100 bloggers :)

*Those interested, you can read the contest winners entries here. Seriously, we do LOVE our country a lot more than we think! :)


  1. this all books are sending to singapore? then how about me? i put my address at perak leh~ sob sob~

  2. Woah~ I feel so happy for you! :) Congratzz! :D

  3. Where's mine? Haha =) Or I didn't win anything? Anyway, I feel happy for you bro. Truly I am. Cheers~where's the champagne? =)

  4. Congrats to you again! Maybe you should export to Thailand next?

  5. Whoa! Another round of giveaways! Cool!

    Congrats to the winners.

  6. thank you all for the wishes. im excited for this too! :)

    @bb & tekkaus
    yes, u guys won - the books should arrive to your address sometime this week :)

    yes, still connecting with the bookstores in thailand & also indonesia... need a bit more perseverence lah - they seem to reply a lil slow :)

  7. Quachee,
    I've submitted my entry with this blog url:

    Hope I'll get hold of this book! Thanks. :)

  8. hey quachee, my father called me saying that the book has arrived!!!
    thanks a lot ya~ quachee bansai bansai ban ban sai!


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