Monday, October 06, 2008

Kuih Raya

kuih raya
Any festive season is a time for celebration for me - from the round up till the day itself. And so is this year's Hari Raya!

kuih raya cookies
The one thing I appreciate a lot is the rumah terbuka (open house) culture we have.

There is no need to call or to be invited... but usually, we can just pop by for a visit & a catch up.

And this Raya is no different - I took the opportunity to visit some friends this Raya too.

Apart from catching up, there is this great food that is always present! Here's some of what I've had.

kuih raya, cookies
The Raya cookies are always nicely arranged.

kuih raya spread
And they come in so many varieties!

kuih raya cookie
Another nice thing about the kuih raya is that they are all very unique - partly because many are handmade & homedmade themselves.

One other thing I realised is that kuih raya use a lot of chocolate as a base as well - which of course is a hit!

kuih raya cookie, heart shape
The love shaped chocolate cookies.

kuih raya nuts
One nice cookie is also this nutty one - anyone know the name?

Now of course, Hari Raya won't be complete without the other food as well... yes the many rendangs & curries!

raya food, rendang
I like how there is quite a variety in the spread, despite all being curry base. Sometimes, there is also the nasi tomato and acar.

raya food, ketupat
And of course, it must go with the other must-have ketupats!

I must thank my friends for the open houses, the preparation for the delicious food & cookies... and most of all a good catch up. Can't wait for the next festivity to come! :)


  1. I want to eat ketupat. I sure miss the rendang. Hey, quachee I have received the 50+1 Malaysia Book and I have blogged about it. Check it out. =)

  2. nicest part about raya is u gotta use up all the empty jar in ur house.

  3. that would be tempeyek :D

    waaahh!! so many food!! i want ketupat with rendang!!! xD

  4. quachee,
    So many food! Enjoy yourself eh? hehe.

  5. both the malay friends that we always visited for raya are married.. ain't not getting no invitations for the past 2 years.. :(

  6. Thanks for the email. i have replied :)

  7. Look like you really enjoying your time at the Open House...

    The nutty one call Rempeyek/tumpi kacang/tempeyek...a very traditional kuih raya

  8. @tekkaus
    ya rendang + ketupat is all the must on raya. glad i had them hehe :)

    heya thanks for the name - heard from my host that day, but wasnt too sure on the spelling hehe (hardly comee across malay word that ends with 'yek'?)

    but yes, it sure was a lot of food - very nice :)

    yes i did - lots! haha

    oh thats poor thing.. cant visit them now that they are married? or have they moved out of town?

    btw, one way to have those rendangs... if you like, u can visit our pm and other leaders open house :)

    yes i did. it's once a year affair heh. :)


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