Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Jay Chou Restaurant

Say Mando pop or Chinese entertainment, and Jay Chou's name comes into mind. Yes, this is the current king of pop for the Chinese entertainment music industry.

And it seems that this singer-producer-song writer & also actor-director has his hands not only in the music industry, but also in the F&B industry. Apparently, he has a string of cafes & restaurants in Taipei, Taiwan... and I was lucky to be able to visit one of them.

Yes, it's Mr J Cafe right in the Medical University in Taipei!

Even before walking into the cafe, there are signs that this cafe-restaurant has links with the talented Jay Chou.

jay chou restaurant cafe - signboard
Mr J's cafe signboard

Ok, maybe that is not that clear, but the welcome greetings at the door is a big hint next.

jay chou restaurant cafe - welcome entrance
The welcome entrance to Mr J promoting the movie, The Secret

And once inside, one sees a string of items on Mr Jay. And you don't need to be a fan to realise that.

jay chou restaurant cafe
Mr J cafe which is rather spacious & with high ceilings, making it rather roomy

jay chou restaurant cafe - poster on music album
Jay Chou's poster on his latest music album

jay chou restaurant cafe - Jay chou items
Decorations of everything Jay

jay chou restaurant cafe - menu
Even the menu is carefully done with Mr J on top

These items are everywhere (or should I say, it seems Jay Chou is everywhere) and if they seem small, then these 2 more will get your attention:
jay chou restaurant cafe - piano, The Secret movie
The piano from his movie, The Secret

And the can't miss big large poster right at the back of the cafe-restaurant.

jay chou restaurant cafe - Jay Chou The Secret poster
The big poster of Jay Chou's movie

This is rather a simple restaurant, except for the many Jay Chou's decorations. Yes, it was quite well done and there are some quite good final touches especially in the design parts. The fans will definitely like a place like this to chill out in their idol's very own cafe/ restaurant.

As for food, all I know is that Mr J serves French & Italian cuisine. However, I can't comment on the food or drinks here as we didn't go there to have a meal.

Instead it was to attend a function upstairs for a launch of something rather interesting by Jay Chou's business partner... and that is coming up next!


  1. I'm big fan of Jay. Is this the only restaurant he has in Taiwan? Cause I have seen the intro of Jay's restaurant once in Hong Kong tv program. I really wish I can visit the restaurant once. I wonder the food is exp and delicious or not.

  2. heya hyperx

    from what i heard, he has a few and this is not the only one :)

  3. Quachee,

    got a blog post on u..



    hehehe cya

  4. Looks nice, the high ceiling and all. Definitely a place for his fans to hang out.

  5. Jay CHOU!!!! Hehehehehehe....this one's really cool! :)

  6. Wow, the restaurant is decorated with the big poster..."bu neng shuo de mi mi". cool

  7. great! i must go here when i visit taiwan. =D

  8. yeinjee
    ya, the place is like a students hangout area. :)

    thanks. got it.

    happysurfer, 宝茹 & amei79
    yes, it is. i guess fans can appreciate this place more. for non fans, i guess the place will be rather ordinary? but anyway, many must be fans of his i guess :)

    worth a visit i would say. maybe u can also visit his other f&b outlets :)

  9. u r from taiwan? can i know what is ptt?

  10. omg I want that too how can I get there too? =P

  11. I WANT TO GOOOOOO!!!! Jay chou's secret is amaazing! I love this movie :)

  12. Wow, this post on Jay Chou's restaurant sure garners a lot of response and comments arr.... xD

    Btw, I'm a big fan of him too!! He's so multi talented and good looking!! xD


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