Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mommy, Can You Blog

I've mentioned a few times now on rather than just looking at trimming down our spending, we too should look into expanding our income. This can come in handy especially with the recent petrol price increase and also the increase in costs & prices of other goods (the after effect).

But some may ask how to, especially if you are a homemaker, ie a Mummy/ Mommy. Already, you are working your chores at home and may not find much time doing work, especially if it means having to travel out of home. But don't make that be a hindrance from you to earning some pocket money or even big income.

Solution for all Mommies at home
Well, firstly, register yourself a blog and become a Blogger. I won't go into details of blogging now, but if you are reading this, then you know what a blog is all about - basically, a platform to share one's thoughts.

And imagine you making money by sharing your thoughts right in the comfort of your home. (I'm sure you can spare some time each few days to share your thoughts?).

Mommy + Blogger = Income
You most likely have more questions like what to do once you have a blogger account. Well there are many money providers out there offering monies to bloggers, but one that I trust & have been using is this simple solution that can make you earn monies - SocialSpark.

Set your profile up in less than 5 minutes and next you are ready to earn money through their 3 methods - Blog Sponsorship (eg Adverts), Sponsored Post & Spark.

This is easier than it seems and you'll soon get the hang of it pretty soon, with extra income coming in. It will really make you feel nice & proud to earn income while sharing your thoughts and still being close/ keeping an eye to your kids and family.

So, if you are a Mommy & a Blogger (or soon to be one), go sign up for the mailing list at SocialSpark in order to join as soon as it goes public!

To all Mommy Bloggers, here's wishing you all the best! :)


  1. Inspiring post. I should let my mum read this..kekek So maybe i can have more pocket money:P

  2. heya inspireme,

    ya, let yr mum read this and earn some cash.. very easy one :) if there's more simple money making opportunities along the way, will keep you posted :)

    *btw, nice site you have.


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