Thursday, July 31, 2008

Malaysia Book Update 14: It Arrived!

Finally, the day has arrived...! Seriously, it was a mixed feeling. At one hand, I was excited to see how the book turned out, and on the other hand, I was rather anxious as there is the next step once the books arrive.

But, the day has been planned, and it is the arrival of the books!

The expected time of arrival - in the evening. So at around 6pm, I got a call that the driver of the printers are here in Malacca. The books have made its way to this UNESCO listed heritage city.

As the driver wasn't too familiar with the roads, I met them at a landmark place so that I could guide them.

malaysia book, release
Me guiding the lorry

The driver & his assistant seems to be enjoying the ride in historical Malacca, going at a leisurely pace. Well, I guess being in outstation, one can't help but just admire the town.

malaysia book, release
The lorry still in good view

It was a relatively short journey. And their speed made me relaxed a lil.

malaysia book box & lorry
Finally, we arrived to our destination

Bit by bit, the workers unloaded the books. Again, in a relatively cool leisurely manner. I didn't mind - more time to cool down.

malaysia book boxes
The lorry near empty

malaysia book box
This is how 1 carton looks like, which is about 13kg

Of course, I was more concerned with what's inside!

The sight of blue & yellow.

It was like opening a gift/ present. Some of you may have felt like this as well before. It was a mixed bag of feelings throughout especially here - I just wanted the books to turn out fine.

50+1 malaysia book
50+1 Malaysia - the book

And yes, it didn't disappoint. The book looks good from the outside and even the inside. It did have the nice feel to it - paper-wise & colour as well.

I feel relieved. And happy. Finally, the 50+1 Malaysia book has arrived.

*Today is its official release - available online first at The Malaysia Page. It will be in bookstores within the next few days.

In the meantime, there is a Special Offer if purchased online.

And for bloggers, there is also a chance to win a copy of the book! :)


  1. congratulations on the book. I'm sure you'll be very proud of your own hardwork!

  2. wow..quachee.. this is yr project? u r really a true malaysian, man.. congratulations!! keep it up...

  3. QC, Congratulations, again! I have to win a copy. ;) I just posted.

  4. congrats~

    yay that looks so pretty!!
    i can't wait get a copy of it :D

  5. how much is a book? Can send a copy oversea?

  6. Congratulations!
    Very happy for you.
    It must be nice to see the product of all your hard work.

  7. ei, is this what i registered for?

  8. congratulations on the book! can't wait to see it in bookshops soon :)


  9. Well done Quachee. Keep up the good work! :D

  10. ooh, unfortunately i only read your blog when you've reaped your harvest - but I'm sure you've slogged and have many sleepless night..but it's worth every single bit, right?

    Congratulations. ;)

    p/s: May I write about you in my blog?

  11. oh yes, carefully! manning the camera and driving at the same time is not safe! =p

  12. Finally the book is here. Congratulation. I know how it feels when you have put so much effort in it. I have the same experience before. Not producing book like yours but school's magazine. hahaha...
    Hey.. did I win a copy of your 50+1 malaysia as I am the first one to participate in the contest?

  13. Quachee, i feel happy to see yr project come to fruition. congrats! after batik inspiration, 50+1 , what next? :) jus to keep u on yr toes. btw i am really so very happy for u

  14. congratulations!!! cant wait to read it! hope it is a great success!

  15. congratulations!!! cant wait to read it! hope it is a great success!

  16. congrats. Bet you had butterflies in tummy when u opened the first box and held up the first copy. :)

  17. Congratulation! Would check this out at nearest bookstore.

  18. to all,

    many many thanks for all the congratulation notes. wah, so touching (really). it is quite someting to come out with a book and another to receive congratulations :)

    WY Kam 甘永元
    yes, it is available to be delivered overseas. im contacting the other overseas bookstores as well to carry the book. btw, where are you located? :)

    haha, i know - will take care while driving :)
    and yes, you can write about me or the book/ competition - anytime hehe :)

    im choonie
    we are still running the contest - let you know soon k? in the meantime, we've uploaded the bloggers entries on the site.

    (btw, u did a great post!) :)

  19. congrats man!!!!...

    when i go over next time...i will try to keep an eye out for the book.

  20. COngrats to you buddy :) By the way it is very dangerous to use the camera while you are driving. I hope the traffic police is not reading this hehehe...

  21. Congratulations on your book! I'm looking forward to flip the pages :D

  22. omg your name is on it! thats great. congratz!!!! im so happy for you man. =D

  23. hi there...i got the it and thoroughly loved it...good work made me proud to be a Malaysian. hope to see more inspiring work from you. take care and congrats...


  24. bidarlah
    thank you.. yes, do check it out when you are here in malaysia. one day, my books will come to brunei, but till then ... :)

    thanks. oh its only phone camera.. not using phone to talk haha.

    durainberry & mystica
    thanks for the congrats! :) its nice to celebrate haha

    thanks for being part of the book yrself :)


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