Sunday, September 19, 2010

Manila International Book Fair

Was at Manila for the Manila International Book Fair just last week...

Was a very short business trip - 4 days & 3 nights, but it was really one good trip. We managed to meet the bookstores there - and brought along the Singapore's & Malaysia's authors & publishers books we represent.

Plus we managed to meet up with some good publishers from the Philippines who are keen to explore further on exporting their books out of the market. This spells good news for :)

Btw the book fair really impress me. First its held at SMX - where the gigantic Mall Of Asia is. So location is SUPER!

But more so, the fair was very well planned & easy to navigate for visitors.

As me and staff were there on the 1st & 2nd day, the crowd was manageable (we were told that it would be superly packed - back to back, on the weekends!).

The booths may not be as pow wow as say some of the stands at Thailand's or even some in Malaysia's bookfairs, but on the whole, it is much more consistent.

And though the fair may seem small compared to that of Thailand's or Malaysia's but its good enough. There were enough business contacts to make from - bookstores, distributors, publishers and even book representatives.

Oh and did I mention - generally, they are all so friendly... that to me is the plus point too - not just the bookfair, but the city & country as a whole! Talking business was very welcomed and that is a good start to a good biz relationship :)

*Okay, maybe if they want to improve further, there can be more Pinoy publishers represented on their own (and not just via bookstores) - eg for their top authors :)


  1. so nice! did u get some great books from there??? :p so nice u enjoyed at there!

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  3. do share some of the great experience you have there more?

    any great books to recommend? Oh...and i only read mystery novels.. =3

  4. they are very friendly but some can be as tricky and bad as those you might not be imagined/expected... the business world everywhere is the same after all! ops did you enjoy the sunset there by manila bay?

  5. Wow, just like you said QuaChee, I must visit the Philippines one day!^^ Love the lovely photos and kudos to for the good work and prospect! Ganbateh! xD


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