Monday, July 18, 2011

Musang King Durian - Oh Yeah!

musang king durian
Been hearing bout the musang king durians like crazy... and I must say I got jealous from the people sharing with me stories on how yummy this species of durians are. You must just listen the way they share it, really.. cos it's like they ate the best food, ever.

durian with eric lee and caroline ng
With all the hype I thought to myself that I "Die die must try!".

Hence, I called up online khakis Eric Lee & Caroline Ng for some durians moment. We met up at the durian hot spot of SS2.

There were no durian buffets left, but that's okay... cos I really wanted to try the musang king durian and that they have!!!

A pricey RM35/ kilo... but true to form: it's so good huh! Heard of the words "50 sen tenggelam?" That's how it was like (u can literally sink a 50 sen coin into it cos the seeds are so small).

And I was like in heaven...

Btw, I did a video review of this special durians and to capture my first time experience too! And oh yeah,  I'd like todedicate this video to Submerryn (go figure.. hint: creamy & thick! hahaha!).

musang king durian blogger
Me, Eric, Caroline.. and the RM70 durian - on the table. The one I'm carrying is just for show (was given by the stall workers for photo taking! Hahaha!)


  1. Hahaha.....okay, after this, I want to see more videos instead! :P

    You should try video blogging lar, QuaChee! Who knows it'll might make you famous and off to Hollywood. ;)

    Dare to try and dream big big! Wee......... ^^

  2. long time no eat durian already.. i think during last year's durian season.. dad bought quite a few, but i didn't get to eat any also.. lol

  3. OMG! U dedicate this to Submerryn?!! *pengsan*

    I still prefer D24 actually haha!! Good also lah no need to spend so much and still get satisfied : )

  4. @erika
    thinking of.. been thinking of this since late last year.. but need to jln jln more to get more ideas ar.. everyday life can be mundane, no? :)

    nows the season! go grab some!! :)

    agree. actually durian kampung are the best. last 2 days i saw - rm10 for 10 biji!!!

    sorry.. haha. next time got outing will call u! :)


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