Friday, July 01, 2011

Me & Me Toys

Tell me toys are only for kids.. and I'll say that's not true. And I'm not talking bout naughty toys, mind you. Haha!

Okay, so I admit I like toys... not just any toys of course, but mainly those figurines & collectibles from blockbuster movies or animation. 

Well, I guess, in some ways I am a 'geek' in some ways too!

This is me, beaming ear to ear... when I saw the Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story while the movie was  just launched. 
However, I must admit, as much as I do like some of these figurines & toys, but heck, they are pricey. Hence, as of now, my collection is pretty little. Though of course, I do have plans to add to them over time. 

Just the other day, I had KFC.. and then my eyes glittered. I saw the 4 Transformers toys that were on sale. Now I am a Transformer fan and though I do have 1 Optimus Prime from the Transformers 2 Movie, but then... seeing it here again, was just too tempting!

And so I got myself 2 of the more popular characters - first my favourite Transfomers character - Optimus Prime & then also Bumblebee. Both were at RM4 each - now aint that a bargain?

Opening it up & displaying them.. I now think maybe I should get the whole collection too. KFC again? Hehe.

glee bottle, transformers keychain
And just a few days back, I was at a bookstore. Now I know - bookstores are for books... but I bought anything but books there.

Instead, I got myself some collectibles again..(yay!). I first saw the Glee bottle. It was the only Glee merchandise I've seen so far here in Malaysia.. and while I don't really need a bottle, but then, the other thing whispering in my ear is "hey, it's Glee! Why not.. you can always use a bottle, anyway". So yea, I listened to that voice.. and Glee-ed I was!

Then just a few rows down... there it was a string of Transformer merchandise from mini figurines, bookmarks, and keychains. Now, I just bought 2 figurines from KFC, so I wasn't really tempted to buy any other figurines anymore. Not until I saw the  Transformers key chain, that can be lit up. How cool is that! (It sounds so much more cool if ur a Transformers fan Haha!!!). And so that went to the counter too.

Oh, I also got that mini globe while there. Sure, this is not really a toy toy. But anyway, I got it cos I thought I'd visualise something on my table about going global.. and the globe will serve a good purpose :)

So now, I have a few Transformers figurines, Buzz Lightyear, and other merchandise from Glee & Transformers. Hopefully to add to the collection soon will be Batman & Bruce Lee figurines. Oh, a Final Fantasy figurine will be nice too.

Santa, are you listening? :)


  1. Have you seen my transformers toys? :p

  2. i believe almost every1 will hv some toys they like^^

  3. And very soon, you can open your very own toy museum like the one in Penang. :p

    Have you been there? It's worth a visit if you haven't.


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