Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dear Santa

Okay, so I live in Malaysia.. a place where Santa Claus would never visit - for he can never come into our homes.. there's no chimney in our homes for him to soosh down!

So, even as a kid, I knew Santa was made belief.. like those TV shows. Or maybe Santa is for the Western kids.

And all adult now, I should know better.

But still.. I'm 'writing to Santa'.. on the lil (or big) presents that I want this Christmas. Okay, seriously, as long as I get them this year is good enough.. no need till Dec-lah, Santa! Haha!!!

Here goes with wish number 1!

Dear Santa

I may not be much a fan of the game nor the movie, but this figurine and its cool motorbike.. well, that I'm a fan.

I've been eyeing on this for a while now, Santa. Somewhere around a year or so since I saw it in somre stores around Kay El. And guess what - now is a good time cos the prices has come down (surprise, surprise!).

Btw you know what Santa, it's limited stocks left.. so your elves better start working on it, huh.

Oh yeah, in return of this toy, I so promise I'll be 'good' the remaining months of this 2011...! So what say you, Santa? Deal? :)


*I promise to give you your cookie & glass of milk (seriously you drink milk and not coffee, tea , beer or liquer?).


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  1. Haha....I wanna write such a post too!^^ Woohoo........may your wish come true, Quachee!! :)))


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