Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Amphawa Floating Market!

Floating market. Owh, how I've always wanted to visit one. 

Well, it's not that I've never been to one. I have visited one a few years back. Though it wasn't the popular Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, it did give me a wonderful feel. 

So, I've been asking my Bangkok buddies on visiting one - again. We did try to go to a few floating markets but somehow most of the times, something cropped up or the market closed bla bla bla.. 

But then, that dream came true in my latest visit to Bangkok, where my Thai buds brought me to the Amphawa Floating Market! 

Me and my brother fell in love with the Amphawa floating market immediately upon stepping into it. It boasts of a certain quaint atmosphere.. and the scene was just amazing. 

In some ways, it was like stepping into a different world - a water city with some arts sense, and its own charm. 

This is the hotel that we stayed which is a simple homestay style hotel, just directly beside the river. It's nothing to shout about but well to stay by the river and feel the mood.. I guess, we couldn't complain much. 

Partly cos the most popular hotel was fully booked!! Yes, Amphawa is a popular destination amongst local Thais!

My bro getting some postcards

As we arrived a lil late - we were both hungry yet we wanted to shop before the shops closed. So while my Thai buds went to order the food, me and my mum went shopping. 

The shops selling mainly souvenir stuffs - many of which are locally produced or handmade. Most of the items are either cool or unique - one way or rather. 

Now, who wants some pots? :P

A "passport" for your collection :)

Old style xercise books!

We did our shopping in between dinner. And we actually ate by the river. Initially we were sitted inside, but then lucky us we had a table just by the river. Ah you know that feeling of getting that table there.. it was like one precious moment!

One group shot for memory.. my Thai buddies, Taro, Fish together with my mum and bro. 

Dinner was good. Local Thai food. And we also had this fish which is apparently very popular in Amphawa.

After dinner, we continued with a bit more walking, breathing in the atmosphere.. and doing our last bit of shopping/ window shopping before the shops close.

Bear and monkey? Haha!
Too cute!
There were lots of fruits in Amphawa! Here is hairy balls - the rambutan!!

Then, we took a the last boat cruise out for the night. How this works is that the boat usually leaves when it's full unless the passengers don't mind paying extra for the empty seats.

As we were the last ones around, we paid a lil higher for our seats for a good 45 mins or so boat ride. Along the way, we saw fireflies - the other thing Amphawa is famous for!

We called it a night.. a rather early night for the next morning was an early call. We woke up at about 530am (yes, you read right).

Amphawa in the early morning

The reason - is to give offerings to the monks.

After the offering, we had our breakfast - which was provided by the hotel. We once again ate by the river! And yes, I'm gonna say it again.. I just love the feeling! XD

We had another round of sleep after breakfast. Thereafter, we had a quick walkabout along the shops by the river.. and exploring Amphawa in the morning.

Oh and I got an Amphawa tee along the way too!

There's this teaser toilet - not the actual one. Artsy like I said hehe. 

Toilet for the men! Can you tell :P

Yes, it's for the ladies!
More fruits! (and hairy balls ooops)
Yes, it's true hahaha!!
My Amphawa tee.. featuring the Line characters!!

I thank my buddies for bringing me to this floating market. Without them, I wouldn't have known about here! 

Now, I'm looking forward to my next exploration in Thailand!! :)

*Don't ask me how to get there. We drove - I mean, my friends drove. Hehe! It took us about 2 hours or so. 

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