Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kou Shui Porridge Cheras


Yerr. Yuck. Eww. That's my reaction if you were to ask me last time.

But well, of late.. I'm beginning to open up (growing with age perhaps?). And to the fact that I've been tasting some really good porridge lately.

Koh Shui Zhou (pic courtesy of 4 Square)

This Koh Shui Zhou - which also means mouth watering porridge.. is one of the restaurants that has made me open up to eating porridge.

There's a few types of porridge here - bit whenever I'm here, I'll go for my favorite 2.

One is the "bei tan zhou" - which is the black egg porridge. The porridge here is thick and the ingredients well blended. Now generally, most shops get this porridge right - but I have also experience those pretty bad ones. This restaurant however is pretty exceptional - and serves this really well.

The other porridge I like here is the frog porridge. The frogs are cooked separately in another clay pot, and served alongside the plain white porridge.

I know this sounds weird but even the white porridge is so well done. The rice is so fine and smooth - which is so different from those I are when younger (and which made me stayed away from the food altogether).

As for the drinks - I go for the usual soya cincau. This place is a lil far for some (unless you are in Cheras and familiar with it). But nevertheless, it's one of those places I come back for good food.

And well you can say that I am a porridge convert.. now!

I brought my Thai friend to try the porridge too! In fact, I've brought a few overseas friends here!! :)

526G Jalan Cheras (Batu 3 1/2 Jalan Cheras), Kuala Lumpur

*The nearest landmark - it's quite near PGRM building.

Open nights

Tel: +60392811818

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