Thursday, July 04, 2013

My Monsters University Collection

Monster's University.

Of all animation out there, it's probably the one I like most. Maybe it's because I can somehow relate to the bear-like monster, Sulley.

I mean, while it can be really fierce, a bit airy (show off), and cheeky but this huge teddy bear is still caring, rather chill and cute! Hehe!

And well, you can say that I'm a big fan of the movie, and just had to collect them merchandise!

My very first merchandise is the water tumbler from TGV cinemas.

I bought this even before the movie premiered, as TGV was already selling then. And guess what - I managed to buy the very last bottle they had (well at least for the 1st batch!). 

Oh boy, oh boy.. was I excited!

The 2nd item I got was the Sulley figurine. Again, I got this even before watching the movie. I knew I had to get it and secure the toy before it gets sold out by chance!

Do we look alike? :P

I saw Mike (the one eyed monster) but didn't buy it then, as I had wanted to wait and see if that character was likeable enough. And well, after watching the movie, I do like the character too!

So, I then got it to pair up with Sulley.

What I like about these figurines.. it can roar when legs are pressed together! Grrrrr!

And well, those were not the only figurines that I bought. I also bought the mini figurines of this duo, after watching the movie. 

And from plastic figurines, I got the plushies too, starting off with Sulley. 

Me and my plushies. Say hi to Sulley and The Hulk!
And as I was in Bangkok recently, I saw a rather cute looking Mike, and got myself one too!

"Sulley" and Mike! Haha!

The final stuffs I got of Monster's University - clothes!

The first stop - Giordano, where I bought the tees and pants. 

I love the pants.. so unique heh!

I was rather contented with my clothes purchase. Well, till I went to Uniqlo and saw that they had a new set of Monster's University tees!

And to my dismay, the ones that I had wanted to get were SOLD OUT in the whole of Malaysia! 

I got pretty upset, and messaged my brother in Singapore to get me the design I had wanted. A fair bit of communication went in between. I remember he asked me "which Monster design again? There are so many, and they look similar". Sweat! :P

But well he gotten me 2 tees from there, one of which is the duo together, which I really like. 

Tee from Uniqlo, bag from Giordano

The bonus tee that my brother gave me. Says, there are all the monsters in it :)

But still that didn't solve the tee I had wanted most - which is the Sulley tee! Frantic, panic, but luckily I quickly asked my friend in Bangkok for his help, and he managed to get me one - the last L size one!

And so, that made everything perfect! (I had collected the tee in my trip to Bangkok just recently). 

I love this tee!
All these do seem pretty much. But you know what. I still have sights on one last item. And that is not sold here in Malaysia. The bag - with Sulley on it! :D

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