Sunday, July 28, 2013

Some Bangkok Fashion (Men's Shirts)

Shirts. Oh how I didn't like wearing them last time.

I've always fancied wearing tshirts, or singlet tops.. and just being shirtless when at home.

But work do require wearing a lil more formal wear - that is wearing shirts.

So over the years, I decided that if I have to wear em shirts.. why not wear some cool ones. After all as the saying goes "clothes makes the man" (I prefer to replace the words clothes to shirts).

So I have been getting some good compliments on my shirts from both sexes alike.

My friends will ask me where I get them. Which then I reveal my "secret" - mainly from Bangkok!!

Though while I still buy occasionally from some boutiques in KL, or at times Singapore.. but personally, I've always favored the more bold and unique designs from Thailand.

So on my last trip there, I got myself a few new shirts which I'd like to share.

The first one is from Central Chidlom Mall. I had initially didn't want to buy any shirts at all in this trip but after trying it on.. I then decided that its pretty nice. Besides it was on sale!! And so I got this shirt from
local brand LTD.

The second and third pieces were from the other departmental store in the Silom Mall.

As I was walking around this mall for the first time (yes believe me).. I decided to just check out the men's section.

Now already having bought a shirt the day before.. I decided that heck with the no-buying shirts idea on this trip. Instead, I'll just be open to buying some shirts if I see some good ones!

And so walking in the men's department area, the shirts from local brand BG Lab really caught my attention. These are the kinds of designs that I hardly see in my rather conservative country..

Well obviously I saw quite a few good pieces from BG Lab.. and had to narrow down my selection a bit (I was for shopping but not a spree haha!).

In the end, I just chose 1 from BG Lab. And just as i thought that was all.. but then i saw a cowboy like shirt from the other popular Thai brand.. Hybrid.

And so I got that too.

I've worn all the 3 shirts already.. and do feel good wearing them :)

Now, I'll be heading to Bangkok again soon.. and well, I'd know better to just go with the flow, and probably check out the shirts again!!


  1. I think the one with the brown top suits you the best. :D

  2. I like first pic T. Looks so suit to u :)

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