Monday, July 01, 2013

My Koh Samed Experience

"Do you want to go to Koh Samed?"

"Where? You mean Koh Samui?"

"No.. it's a different place".

Well that's how I started to know about this island.. it being introduced by a local Thai friend who spends many of his New Year there.

And so I've been invited to join him and his friends.

But I didn't really confirmed at first - as I was really clueless on what to expect there. But I trusted this friend's taste and so there I was spending my New Year countdown earlier this year there!!

The journey by car along the highway was about 3 hours or so. I normally dread taking tours out of the city but going with this group was pretty fun and enjoyable. Plus, we drove there - and not taking like those tours or buses! Haha!!

After arriving at the pier, we chartered a speed boat and headed to the island, arriving in just about 15 minutes later.

My first impression of the island - lights and stars! For that's what greeted us that night.

The chalet exterior

Me and some of the roomies for the 2 nights!

My friends were the one who booked the chalet type hotel. It's pretty basic but I wasn't complaining. It's good enough - clean too. Besides, I had good company - all fit in 1 room with 3 big beds!

My buddy, Fish, who was the one who introduced me to this cool island of Koh Samed!

The beach which we spent most of our time at
Camwhoring is amongst the activities I did at the beach. Haha!

The things I did at Koh Samed (and which I truly enjoy) were just spending the day at the beach from eating all the meals  by the beach, walking by the beach plus swimming in the sea there too.

That was extra special as I remember seeing (with the help of photos) the last sunset I saw in 2012!

I also enjoyed the food much. Like generally in Thailand, food is always good.

There's one restaurant in particular which was extra good - and which we spent quite a lot of our meals there. 

They serve a mix of Western (BBQ and all) and local Thai cuisine. Plus they had some fire performance while we had our dinner there too.

My friends who are seasoned Koh Samed goers didn't do much of the island hopping stuff - so I skipped that too. What we mainly did was in fact.. party the night late!!

There's this bar by the beach - hugely popular with the island goers which has a dance floor. And both the nights were spent there including New Year's Eve countdown.

Going with a group of party goers, lots of booze and on a holiday. Go figure the scene!! Sexy, crazy, hot..!

That's probably the highlight of my trip. And to my friends too. Or shall I probably say to many of the holiday makers on the island of Koh Samed!!

Bidding goodbye to my new found buds!
I just had to take this shot. My CD with the backdrop of the beach (for it is around that time too that my CD, Summer Love came out when I visited the island). 

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