Monday, June 24, 2013

The Incredible Hulk And Being Awesome!

The Incredible Hulk.

I've known this character since I was a kid. But while I have always loved Superheroes, however the Incredible Hulk, while admired... isn't really in my top 3 Superhero list (Batman, Iron Man and Superman are). 

But then, why am I talking about it here then?

Well, firstly, I got myself this bulky-green plushie recently. I know it does seems contradictory since that I've just mentioned that it's not one of my favourite Superheroes... But well, it's still a Superhero - and I do really like the Superheroes lots!

Plus, this plushie does look really cute! In fact, I think that this Incredible Hulk plushie is one of the nicer/ cutest Superhero plushies around!!

For Superheroes in all machoness don't really fit into being plushies.. they are usually just too stiff. And if the manufacturers make them cartoony, they usually look kinda funny - too soft for a Superhero and usually different from their actual characters.

And that's probably why I haven't gotten any Superhero plushie before.. (not even Batman!).  So, well.. this Incredible Hulk is my 1st! I guess the fierce face kinda evens out its cuteness in it :)

But wait, there's more to the Incredible Hulk that I wanna share. On the same week I got this, I also viewed a video by Tim Ferris talking about being like the Incredible Hulk - which to him, is not so much the size, but instead being able to learn anything and everything (being Incredible!).

Now, Tim Ferris is quite a wonder. A best selling author of a few books (best known for The 4 Hour Work Week), and as I found out from the video, knows many languages and other skills. He does all these cos he learns that everything has key points and strategies.

I must say that this video nailed it for me. What I get from this video is that we can succeed in whatever we want to.. if only we know what are the important things to succeed in them. For in the end, it's not about being "efficient" but "effective". And that's one huge thing I learn!

For those of you wanting to know more, here's his video below.

Oh and to end this post, here's a "quote" I found! Yes, be! :)

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