Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Free Phone (By S CSL)

Free phone.

Do you believe that there is such stuff out there? And to boot, a smartphone too.

Well as hard it is to believe, but it’s true.

And that’s what I found out at the recent Switch STAR NEO Mi363 Launch by S CSL (at Royale Chulan Hotel).

Now, I’m not new to S CSL phones having reviewed their previous model here. And I’ve been pretty impressed so far.

The Switch STAR NEO Mi363 is a rather basic smartphone but like most of their models, this is pretty good enough. Especially when their target market is the entry level for the youth market (ie those who are switching from err.. “dinosaur” phones to smartphones).

This new model specs include 3.5” HVGA Capacitive Touch Panel with 2.0MP camera, and runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. With Android as its base, well.. that pretty covers much of it.

Now, the big quesiton is “How to get this S CSL phone for free?”. Here’s how, and this is really simple:

1. Sign up under the Pakej Komunikasi Belia Scheme (which offers RM200 rebate to 1.5 million youths around 21-30 years old. Well yeah, okay, you got to be in this age group to qualify).
2. Get the voucher and bring it to the respective dealers. S CSL offers another RM150 rebate.

So that means a total of RM350 rebate is given to the RM349 priced phone. Ie. it’s FREE!

A steal this is, don’t you think? I would grab this too if I was a lil younger (and use it as a 2nd phone myself!).

Okay, so I can’t. But well, you can (if you meet the age group requirement). Otherwise, if you have siblings, cousins or friends in this age group.. well, nudge them to get the phones. After all, it doesn’t cost a sen :)

*Amongst the outlets carrying the S CSL Switch STAR NEO Mi363 includes Tesco Hypermarts, AEON BIG and S Alliance stores (check full list here: S CSL Outlets).

*To make this more special their mobile operator partner - Tune Talk, is giving away 300MB data, 30 sms, and 30 minutes of calls worth RM20 to subscribers for the 1st month upon activation.

Memorables and memories of the event :)

PS: The launch was quite fun, meeting the team behind the phone, watching some performances and interacting with fellow bloggers!


  1. I still qualify, but I already used the rebate. SOBS!

  2. @vikneswaran
    yes it is. just that if not wrong, they need to stock up new stock :)

  3. @cleffairy
    owh thats a pity. but well that also means uve got a new phone too :)


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