Thursday, June 06, 2013

Bogyoke Market


We Asian tourists love that a lot. I do too.

But more than just buying stuff.. to me, every city's economy can be seen from it's commerce ie shopping (omg, heavy words heh). And being keen on Myanmar's economy, I asked around on where should I go for shopping.

Interestingly, it's not the malls but this Bogyoke Market (pronounced as boh-joke) that is top on the list.

What do one expect in a market? Well, not live fresh food but a few buildings with lots of shops selling a variety of souvenir (and local) related products. 

There are rows of shops at the pathways (ala street shopping) and also in the very middle of it all is a big hall like area with dozens of shops. Amongst them currency exchange, loads of souvenirs, jewelry and the rest... I can't remember haha!

The only thing I got from this hall was actually some decently priced (or should I say cheap?) hand painted postcards :)

There's even food sellers selling by the corridor selling rather delicious local cakes. When I was here, just after buying my cakes.. the seller was in a hurry to carry his cakes off, having been given a signal that the authorities were coming!!

On one more side of the market is a few shops selling fresh fruits and juices. I bought some of the sweetest mangoes ever here (yes, Myanmar is famous for their mangoes!!). 

I also bought a very rich avocado juice.. with its fruits some not completely blended giving it a very cafe like served drink. 

Talking bout the "food" experience, I also tried the betel leaf. Having seen so many of the locals chewing on this leaf, I was also tempted to try it out. I know I'm not to swallow it, but even the taste tasted weird for me.. and threw it out just after a few chews!

I probably spent about an hour plus in the market. But before I left, I went upstairs, and got myself a longyi. Again, the 'adventurous' me wanted to try wearing the longyi (aka sarung) just to walk on the streets of Yangon!

Besides, what a pretty lil seller..! It was only after purchasing that I realised that the longyis were a lil pricey - for after all they are imported from either Indonesia or Malaysia!

Oh, my last thing from the market... is just to try out the Thanaka powder, which is usually applied by the local girls (and to a lesser extent the guys too). 

Being all touristy, and in a foreign land, I tried it on too!

This is me with the Thanaka powder! Cute? XD

Okay, more Thanaka powder and me camwhore shot. 
After leaving the market, I crossed the street into more rows of "street shopping" (or more like window shopping for me).

Fried garlic, Myanmar style
I asked around for a pratha shop having had one the day before and got my fix!

That was my Bogyoke Market journey (and a lil bit more) before really heading to an air conditioned mall thereafter.. but well, that's a different story. 

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