Monday, June 17, 2013

My Moving House Experience

Moving house.

Some find it a big hassle. I admit, I do too.

In fact, more than just a hassle, but it can be a nightmare!

"Welcome to my new home" (beams)

But, you ask me why am I smiling here? No, it's not because I bought a new place (I'm still renting. Talk about "Barang Naik" and the middle income trap! Grrrr). 

But well.. this is a nice place - probably the best I've stayed so far. And this moving house experience has been pretty smooth too (well the smoothest at least). The whole process from viewing to first day of  moving in was a mere 4 days!!

In fact, it took me just 1 day to confirm the place I wanted to view. Okay, here's the thing.. I know the area I wanted to stay, and thought of a particular condo that was within the budget range. Interestingly, I forgot the name, and made appointments to view 3 different homes at the condo next door!

But as it turned out, it was a way nicer condo with nicer units.. and at the same price!! And so after 3 viewings, I knew what I wanted. Here's my Golden Rule (which maybe useful for some of you):

If you enter a home and you get a good feeling - then that's the one! 

Yes, it's simple as that. Many factors play a role.. like how bright it is or the shape of the unit (eg does it have perfect squares or not). But at the end of it, it's gut feel.

I got a "Bear" bed!! :)

My bedsheet.. Man Of Steel, which I slept on the very first day of the Premiere of the movie. What coincidence!

Next, was getting a new bed. And that too came pretty easy for me. I chose this bed - a Super Single on the top with a pull over Single below. Well, I believe that the Super Single can fit more than 1 (ehem.. ehem).

As much as I'd like to think I've gained muscle strength lately, but I think these call for  "superpowers". 

Next came the old stuff from my old place. Packing the stuff was pretty quick. Cos I left most of the boxes unopened from my last house moving. Hence my job was more of compiling the boxes and getting the movers to well... move them. 

I called a few movers from online search but I ended up getting one that was recommended by the agent as it was way cheaper than the most of the others. The movers were RM280 compared to RM600, some even quoting RM1200 - and I don't even have big stuff except 1 dining table and 1 piano!

But why did I take this as compared to the RM220 one - again, gut feel as my dining table was glass and I wanted a more "professional mover".

But while the movers were carrying the major stuff, I did carry some too. The most precious of them all - and which got front seats.. is this Panda!

First time getting items delivered from Ikea. Yeah, enough of trying to figure out which screw goes where!

Actually that would probably do for the house moving. And me settling in. But wanting to make this place a lil more comfortable (I'd probably stay here for a minimum 2 years), hence I bought a few more stuff - some display sets and a long wall mirror from Ikea, some new curtains, a powerful fan, and yes.. bean bags!!

All these items will be coming in stages for the next few weeks. 

Oh boy, am I proud of my display set! Haha!!

In the meantime, let me enjoy the home as it is.. :)

Oh, I love this long mirror! Expect more camwhore photos to follow!!


  1. Ahhhhh!!!! Nice bed sheet!!! pull-out bed eh? Next time I go Kl, I stay with you, can?

  2. Cool! Show us your new house! haha

  3. You are going to change that bedsheet to Batman bedsheet right? Hahaha

  4. drop my first visit here to ur blog :) Really ur house look comfortable other words, feng shui not bad yah!

  5. You should indeed be proud of your toy display set, because that glass storage cabinet caught my eye as I scrolled down your blog. Are there showcase lights in it as well? Perhaps you could take a picture of it when the room is dark. I am sure your toys (or do you collectors call them something else?) will definitely look nicer under a ray of light. Overall, your house is pretty neat and hopefully it will stay that way (you know staying by yourself means noone to clean up after you).

  6. I totally agree with you on the "gut feeling." I started looking into some South Carolina real estate at the beginning of the summer, and none of the homes I checked out felt right, until I came across the one I immediately signed a lease for. Your new place looks great! Best of luck :)

  7. Nice house. Don't change this house. I love your flytthjälp place. Thanks for nice post.


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