Friday, June 14, 2013

I Love (Receiving) Parcels


I love receiving them. In fact, well to put it more right.. I love receiving presents sent in a box - and delivered to the home.

And I must say it has been quite a while since I've received them. Those were the times when I had pen pals (yes exchanging real physical letters and at times, gifts to friends).

Well, with everything digital nowadays the pen pal era is gone (I wonder how many know this term today?).

Anyway, guess what, the sending of gifts is still on! For recently, 2 of my online buddies requested my address.

Now, while I'm somewhat publicly online but I'm also private. Initially I got a lil suspicious when they asked for my address.

But when they mentioned they wanna send some gifts - I relented. Who doesn't want to receive gifts?!!

Doing the Moon (from Line) face. That's what happens when we copy the stickers! (instead of the other way round) Haha!

The 1st parcel took ages to arrive. And I thought that the parcel is lost. But after bout nearly 3 weeks, I received a notice to collect my parcel from the post office.

I was excited. For I knew what was in it. And it was this.. a Batman tee!!

My friend know how much I love collecting everything Batman and gave me one! How thoughtful :)

Then just a few days after, another friend requested for my address too. Says to pass me some instant drinks.

As a non coffee drinker, I requested for non coffee products (I know, get free gifts yet wanna request huh... hehe).

And this came very fast as it was couriered! Yes, I received the instant mixes the very next day!

I've yet to drink them yet though, as I'm busying myself with moving my house this week.

But rest assured if they are nice, I'll blog about them.

Oh, I wonder if there's more parcels to come? Let Christmas be eveydayyyyy :)

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