Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kandawgyi Palace Hotel Yangon


I find them very important in any holiday.

And I do like boutique hotels most - as they are usually good on budget and yet with a personal touch.

However in Myanmar, boutique hotels are rare (as of now). There's like 2 class of hotels in Myanmar - the luxurious ones or the more "budget" aka 2-3 star ones.

Usually I don't mind even those 2-3 stars, but the reviews online for the hotels havent' been positive. Usually there's a few good reviews, then comes comments like "but the room smell".. OMG.

So, going for a safer bet, I chose one of the better hotels around. And that means having to splurge.

Well, the hotel is Kandawgyi Palace Hotel - a hotel name I can hardly remember (all I know it sounds closer to Gwiyomi). Haha!

This resort like hotel is beside the Kandawgyi Lake hence the name. Being beside the lake has its perks. For one, it has the beautiful lake as its view.

The lake during sunset with the Shwedagon Pagoda view. 
And knowing that, this hotel makes full use of the lake. The pool is beside it, and they also created a patio just to chill by the lake.

The only setback of the pool (and this hotel) is that the pool pump wasn't working during my trip and the workers were seen cleaning the pool. Hence, the water wasn't as clean as it should be. And that in a way spoilt the additional swims I had wanted to take. 

More about the hotel - I love the buffet breakfast. It did live up to "international" standard of delicious local and international food. It is one of those breakfasts that I did look forward to having (yes that means waking up "early" for breakfast). 

Now, of course, I need to mention about the room too. It is nice, comfy and cosy. As this hotel serves like a resort, it does have some resort feel to it (and not so business like).

Oh btw, I must also say that they have a small lil garden in this hotel, which I took a tour. And I found this beautiful flower :)

*This hotel apparently serves dignitaries as well... like for example (and if I'm not wrong) the Japan PM - who was there during my stay. Wowwwwwwww XD

Kan Yeik Tha Road
Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township

Tel: (951) 394646, 382912

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