Friday, May 06, 2011

Getting Sexified In Manila!

I'm not sure if anyone feels the same as I do when I visit this city. But yes, that's how I feel when I'm there.

I'm not sure if it's the clothing, the lack of it, the confidence, or the stares (and smiles), but there is just something in Manila that makes one (or me) for that matter feels sexier.

Simply walking along the streets or malls in Manila feels... err... sexy (yes, I finally said it).

I hardly experience this anywhere else... and some of you might be thinking I'm not making sense, but before you judge, check this research from CNNGo's Asia's sinful cities:

"According to a study from Synovate, Filipino men are the most narcissistic in Asia. A whopping 48 percent consider themselves sexually attractive".

To add to my point, I'd like to share a magazine I bought there, which I thought kinda adds to this whole sexy topic..

star studio magazine philippines sexiest stars
Somehow, there's just something that kinda keeps me thinking when I see this magazine. 

I mean, before I began to know more about the Philippines, I've never thought that the Filipinos can be really that HOT. 
Our media is so centric towards the HK, Taiwan, Korean, and Hollywood stars (oh Indonesian too) - sexy or not.

And mention Philippines.. err.. not much really comes to mind (I won't say nothing comes to mind, as I think many would have different thoughts - u get my drift).

But check these photos below and that might all change..

angel locsin
Angel Locsin. I don't think we need any words to describe further. 
piolo pascual filipino sexiest star
And this guy? He needs no introduction, at least in the Philippines & the people who follow the industry there. Most probably the biggest star there currently, Piolo Pascual is also the Sexiest Filipino Male Star!
jericho rosales, pinoy sexiest stars
Some Malaysians may know this guy for his hit TV series here. While our Malaysian stars are all covered up, but over there, they kinda go with the saying "Have it, flaunt it!". 
kim chiu, philippines sexiest star 2011
This is Kim Chiu. On many pictures, she looks like your sweet-girl-next-door. But well, she is voted as the Sexiest Female in the Philippines.. and I'm not surprised!

And sexiness begets sexiness. If the stars are sexy themselves, I think this all adds to the people being sexy (or is it the other way round?). In any case, that drives to my point... that in Manila, one can really feel all sexified!

Okay, these are just small insights. The best thing is to really go there yourself, or check out the entertainment stuff that's there. Btw, here's a parting video.. watch it, and I'd really love to hear your views - from Pinoys or otherwise :)


  1. Haha!! Don't you know Filipino maids working here think they are sexy too? LOL!!!

  2. that why you have started to work out at the gym? Inspired by Piolo Pascual? Haha!!!

  3. Why don't the domestic helpers here look like those in the mag?


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