Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Lil Random: Happy Moments!

I miss writing random posts like how I've been enjoying life.. or more enjoying life.

Looking back at my life so far, I am grateful of the many things that I can enjoy and do. I believe many others do it too - only whether they document them. For me, well, I always am prepared with my phone camera :)

These photos have always been uploaded to the social networks that I'm into, but today, I'd like to write it here in this diary blog of mine..

diary thailand
I got this note book from Thailand from one of my previous trips.. it's your rather usual note book except that on every page, there is a lil cartoon on it - be it on top, bottom or side of the page.

thailand notebook
And the characters are different for nearly every page.. This maybe a small thing to some, but each time I see some unique characters like the ones above, it kinda makes me smile in some ways.

Now I don't use this note book as much because of the iPad, but still whenever I do use it, I appreciate it.. and I believe it's like the best note book I ever bought. Haha!

wesak pj
This pic is taken during Wesak. This is the 2nd time around that I've been back to this temple in PJ for wesak (Wat Chetawan).

And it seems that visiting this temple during Wesak is like becoming a tradition for me in some ways - now that I'm living here in Pea Jay :)

Seeing bananas hanged like that in shops maybe common for some. But if we are to just take a moment, this is rather interesting, don't you think? I'm sure if we see this overseas, you'll see many of us going Click, Click, Click & all gaga over it!

And that was how I felt just that day when I realise this.. which to me it's like Raining Bananas!!! Hahaha!!!

fruit smoothie canteen pj trade centre
This was taken at Canteen @ PJ Trade Centre. I was here to discuss about Project O&O Grand Finale with the owners of the cafe - just 1 week before the event.

And I ordered this drink. I couldn't help but like this pic cos it does feel very Summer..!

swimming pool g tower hotel kl
Talking bout Summer, I had a very nice opportunity to stay at the G Tower Hotel KL - during a Sunday (I know I'm blessed here!).

And yeah, I swam in this pool overlooking the KL Twin Towers.. so cool lah!! It's like a dream come true, really.. something I've always wanted to do, and I'm happy to have realised this mini dream :)

gsc gold class cinema
Oh, and just a few days back.. I tried the GSC Gold Class cinema!!! I've tried the 'luxurious cinemas' in Manila & Jakarta and so enjoyed them... and then just the other day, I had the chance to try it here in Kay El!!!

I felt like a small boy again.. you can see it from the pics above! Hehe.

kung fu panda po
And with movies... I must say I am Oh-so-Lucky to have met the Kung Fu Panda star - Po, live, right here in Pea Jay! There was this Movie Carnival at IPC (formerly Ikano), and I was there.. and so was that cute panda.

So of course, I took that opportunity to grab a pic with him/ it!!

Looking back at these moments sure make me smile.. and though I know that I'll be way busier the next week onwards (more of that to come), but then I also know that having those lil happy moments are still important - busy or otherwise.. Here's to more of that! :)


  1. What a good life you have been blessed with!

  2. bring me along when you ever go to that hotel for swimming ok?

  3. You are surely living your life to the fullest bro. :p


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