Friday, June 10, 2011

Thank You, Amber And #PONO Grand Finale

amber chia
Amber Chia receiving the token of appreciation as a judge :)
Finally after like 6-7 years, I meet Amber again. How time flies. But she still look as stunning as ever.

And I must say, it was an honour to have her as one of the Guest Judges for Project O&O.

Now before the night started, there were many things that went behind the scenes. The 2 weeks prior has been crazy, but even crazier is the day itself, where I was running all around Greater Kay El to collect all the last minute items.

medal winmart project o&o
Medals for the Winners, by WinMart Resources.
project o&o tshirt
Tees for the contestants & us organisers (by Zicco Tees).
Goodie bags by Julie's Biscuits. All of that managed to fit into my car. Really. 
With all the running quite done, the next thing was to get the Finalists all prepped up at the venue - Canteen, the cafe.

li may project o&o
One of the finalists, Li May getting some make up.
I was still running around - with the last minute files & presentation, guest registration etc etc. And the guests has started arriving. 

project o&o grand finale
Running here, running there. Was helping Erika out on the registration side.
Dinner started serving. The food looks good, but I was just too busy to even grab a single bite throughout the night. 
Soon the cafe, Canteen, was filled up and guests were ready for the presentation by the Finalists.
The finalists with their pitching.
I must say, I am heartfelt with what the Top 5 have presented. By them coming on board and telling everyone on their Dream Project, with a mission to make a change in the society.. that sets Project O&O apart from the 101 talent competitions out there.

And yes, it is about making a difference in the lives of others.

Judges doing the Q&A. 
malaysian talent showcase project o&o
The Malaysian Talent Showcase.

Thereafter, it was time to know the winner.. I had my predictions on the top 2... and interestingly while it didn't fully resonate with the judges, but the results came out as predicted. Of course, social media votes played a part in Shannon's win. 

Shannon & her Rotation project (to teach orphans who eventually teaches others) and Tevan & his build a school idea won the Top 2 spots.

Putri won the Best Groomed Category Award. This was a close fight which she beat Li May & Megat. 

quachee & top 5 finalists
Me & the Top 5: Tevan, Li May, Shannon, Megat & Putri. 
The judges doing the O&O!!
Zenny (winner of Asia's Biggest Loser), Samuel Tan (Virtigo Studio), Amber Chia (Amber Chia Academy), Dr Raslan Ahmad (Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia) & Dr Teh Su Thye (Global Peace Festival).
Btw apart from the Project O&O Youth Ambassador Search, we also awarded our cool bloggers their prizes - for joining the side contest that we ran.

The bloggers - Su Juin, Kian Fai, Eric Lee & Caroline.
Caroline - awarded the Online Queen Winner from Rissa from Pentax! Yeap, she won herself a Pentax camera! Woots!!!
Looking back, we had one good night. The event may not be butter smooth, but I think we pulled it off nicely.

For me, it's satisfaction - especially for someone who never really like to do events (ehem, ehem). But hey, I managed that.. so Hooray! And yeah, hooray to #PONO2011 - it surely has been one eventful 7 months!!!

We, did it!!! :)


  1. good 1 quachee! :D so u gonna make next 1? :P

  2. I'm so glad to be a part of PONO 2011. Let's gear up for PONO 2012, aye? Wee!!! xD

  3. wow...amber chia!! invite her again for pono2012, i will be there for sure!! lol

  4. @kian fai
    thats the intention, of course :) thanks fr yr wishes btw :))

  5. Wow...damn super awesome lar you guys. :)


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