Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Fight (For A Good Cause)

The past 2 weeks or so has been extremely busy for me. Being the Project Leader of Project O&O 2011, I've been overseeing all aspects of the competition - front end to back end, and whatever else in between.

Amongst them - Sales, Marketing, Biz Development, Event Organising & handling the Social Media of Project O&O. What a list, really.

And in just 2 days time, the whole competition will be coming to an end.

Looking back, it's interesting how things have developed. Initially joining my partners to just handle the music + video side of the competition, my role has then shifted to becoming Project Leader and overseeing so many more things.

But I've always believed that things happen for a better reason. 

To be honest, I don't know what as yet - though I do know for one.. my knowledge in Social Media has increased lots.

And while the MTV for the official theme song is yet to be shot, but at least I get to work a lil bit on the song.

At least, part of my dream (to coming on board) has been fulfilled :)

It was fun talking to singers, and eventually choosing & working with the right singer to work with.. one that shares the same inspiration (to inspire the society). Now, like many other tasks, this wasn't easy.. I really had to talk to a few - some rejecting 'in your face' too (boo!).

prema yin

But at the end of the day, I managed to work with non other than Prema Yin. I've known Prema since her first EP and like her style of music.. which to me was refreshing for the Malaysian music scene. So obviously, she was one of the choice of singers who I thought I'd work with this time.

Called her, got the appointment set.. and we started talking.

As we talked, I could see her eyes lit up when we talked bout doing an inspiring theme song.. and was glad that she believed in this cause & Project O&O. Then she said the magical words - Yes, she'd like to do the song!

U can sense how happy I was.

And despite her really busy schedule, she managed to squeeze time to record this song, arranged in USA, edited it a couple of times and then release it here! It took her some time, but at the end of the day... all I can say is:

Yay, cos at the end of the day, the Fight was (and is) well worth it :)

Fight | Upload Music

*Fight features rap by Reefa. The song is produced by Ali Aiman and Stephanie Tham from Verisimilis Music (USA).

*Prema, if ur reading this.. thank you!

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