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What's Your (INspiring) Story: Adrian Leong & Being A Magician

I was first introduced to Adrian Leong during a gathering of my online khakis. We had our dinner, and then stayed on for the magician blogger to arrive. And did he, with quite a few tricks on hand.

As I have wanted to feature unique stories, people with different backgrounds and interests.. then I remember, how bout Adrian. After all, he is the 1st magician I know and he should have one interesting story to share.

Well, I'm glad Adrian agreed to come on board on this series. This, is his story..

My name is Adrian Leong. I’m a magician. My friends used to call me conman, cheater, liar – it was a good joke. I had so much fun in my days and nights. Every day is filled with joy and laughter. It was not like this before. This is not your average inspiring story and I hope that my story will make you a better in decision making for yourself.

It was all began in February 2002. The years before that… I was fascinated by the magicians on TV show; I wondered how they did that. Jeff McBride, the world champion in card manipulation, he pulled out cards within the air while hands empty. SO COOL!! 

Not to mention but I’m an avid fan of Doraemon, so I do have this interest in extraordinary events (not ghost stories please). Of course, you can never know how the magicians did it. They never reveal the secrets until recently.

February was my birthday month & just right before my big day, my second brother, Alex told me about this magic shop in Sunway Pyramid. I was surprised; I thought magic supposed to be TOP SECRET thing like FBI, why would the magicians open a magic shop in the shopping mall. 

I went to the mall short after with my friends for ice skating. We made a stop there, watched the magician performed his tricks and I looked like a nerd who just made his first rocket out of rocks. I purchased the magic props set for RM100 with my Chinese New Year red packets money.

I never had the best time in my life until I found magic. I kept performing and buying stuff from the magic shop whenever I saved enough money. Honestly, it is very much like how girls love to shop. But hey, BOYS DO SHOPPING TOO. 

It had been 3 years, and I was performing magic at hotels and charity events for extra cash so that I can buy more magic props. At that time, I learned that I could start my own company and run shows by myself or with my friends who were in the entertainment industry. Then I founded AL’s Entertainment. I did very well and I was one of the top magic collectors in Malaysia with the largest Magic Library.

Cut long story short. I sold my AL’s Entertainment to my close friend in an undisclosed amount. Right after college, I was struggling for jobs. I got back into entertainment line, and I founded Sleight Artistry in which now running as the Malaysia’s first Magic Production Company. I’ve travelled to China, Macau, Hong Kong and many other Asean countries for magic shows. It is difficult for me to tell you the whole story.

Along the way of my success, I suffered a lot. I came from a poor family, below average annual income. There were times we did not have enough food to eat. House no electricity, no water. I struggled. When I struggle for food, my mind will go blank and ideas of how to make money will come to me.

Now, even if I have money but whenever I have obstacles in my life or my work, I’ll starve myself. Then I will know what I should do in my next step.

I am not asking you to starve yourself. Please don’t! It is a TERRIBLE CHOICE.

What I meant is, you should dream. Dream more. Dream of what you want to be. My studies were not great. I did not finish my Diploma in Business Administration. But I dreamed of becoming famous and financially free. I wanted to be a magician. My childhood dream and I made it.

Do not care if nobody supports you because you will have your TRUE supporters when you made it through. Think of what you want to be, and then you do what you should to make it come true.

“Find out what you are good at, then you makes the best out of it”.

I wish you all the best and good luck.

“Nobody is rich, famous and perfect; we made ourselves rich, famous and perfect”.

*The What's Your (INspiring) Story is a 12 weeks series featuring stories by Guest Writers from different backgrounds, writing on what inspires them. 5 stories has been featured, and this is the 6th. 


  1. so inspiring one! :D and i love ur new background and header! :D

  2. reading it over again, i kind of missed those days when my family were in poor condition. my parents saved money to feed the family and i always wanted to eat sweets. 2 bedrooms apartment for 6 of us. my current bedroom is bigger than the kitchen, living room, balcony combined together.

    I'm glad that I deleted most of the 'grandma' story. Too long.

  3. teach me some magic trickssssssssss


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