Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pinoy-fying (Pinoy PasiklaBAND)!

pinoy pasiklaband
Love the poster. And how they make use of the flag colours here. So cool aye? :)
I first saw the poster of a Filipino concert at the door of my classroom (yeah, I'm attending some Mando class now) on Sat.

And some of you following this blog will roughly know how I'd react to it... I beamed. I don't know if it was ear to ear.. but I'm sure it was one happy face.

Though I don't know any of the bands at all... not even sure if they are A list bands, and the fact it's a lil last minute (that the concert is just the following day ie today).. but still, I kept it at the back of my mind that maybe I'll attend this concert. I just had to go, if I could..

kl river
Passed by the river on the way to the concert
So Sunday came. I had a lil bit of flu, but still the concert was in my mind.

Invited best buddy, Ben, to come along.. and glad he agreed!

We took our time going to the concert, enjoying the lunch before that, and also me having to settle some work stuffs in the mid afternoon.

Luckily there's a banner outside this building.. otherwise, I won't know where Mariamman Building is...

And with some Kay El jam, and losing the way around (still), it was already close to 4 when we arrived.

pinoy pasiklaband kl

Even though late, we managed to catch a few performances, including this highly energised group - Power J. They sang a mix of Tagalog & English pop hits.. and the crowd really loved them. Either that, or the Pinoys are one fun loving bunch (I love to believe it's a mixture of both).

pinoy pasiklaband concert crowd
Some of the crowd were seen dancing on their spots. Some came forward to dance on the 'dance floor'. That includes this auntie.  She placed a bottle on her head, and danced away.. only dropping the bottle once.

pinoy pasiklaband kl, quachee
Do I look Pinoy? Hehe :)
To me, it was fun seeing how the Pinoys enjoy themselves. It makes me wish that we Malaysians (or for that matter Malaysian Chinese) should learn to be.

For now, we are oh-so-too-uptight. Way too shy. And too stingy with our applause.

Imagine if we stood up and danced in front of our seats (and I'm not even saying climbing on top of our chairs). Or if we did like what this auntie did. We most likely have been called 'Siow ah' (crazy) or some of the crowd might distance themselves with faces having eaten some sour plums.

But not here. Young. Old. Babes. Hunks. Aunties. Uncles. They just danced away.  It doesn't matter who was on stage - known or lesser known artistes. It was all about having one good time, and nothing to be shy about.

I guess that is what makes me like the Philippines (& the Pinoys) more and more.

And so I'm glad I saw that poster on my classroom door. And of course, going for that concert!

pinoy pasiklaband kl

Btw these shots were taken in the lift, which was covered all over with the poster. Oh yeah, okay, we are not shy folks too! Call that we are Pinoy-fying! Haha!!! :)


  1. Yeha! You do have that Pinoy look. LOL :D

  2. Thanx for the positive review on the concert. Glad you enjoyed it! Gonar from the Philippine Embassy

  3. i like how they stuck the poster up with band-aids :D

  4. and Ben are funny!! You guys are seriously pinoy-fied! Haha!! :P

  5. Its good that you managed to find time to watched our Pinoy Pasiklaband. Thanks for sharing us your thoughts on that day's event. Will sure inform you on our next Pinoy/Filcom Get-Together.

  6. @tekkaus
    ur not the first to say. but then again, they also say i look thai, taiwanese, korean, japanese.. indonesian, singaporean.. and... err... yeah, malaysian hahaha

    yes, i did. thank u for organising it, and visiting my blog. i love yr country & the culture :)

    u noticed that! :) i felt the pic was nice & didnt know why, then i knew why after u pointed it out hehe

    tell me wont be too if ur here hahahaha!!!

    @c&j promotions
    looking fwd to it! so wanna go haha :)


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