Sunday, March 20, 2011

How I've Been Enjoying Life... This Past 2 Weeks

how are you enjoying life

I've been enjoying life very differently the past 2 weeks.

Here are some of the stuffs that I've been doing.

Going to Parliament!

It has been a long time since I wore a full jacket. But I had a destination to go to - the Parliament! Wearing the jacket reminded me of my prefect days in school or when I was the best man for my friend's wedding. And the tie - it reminded me of my salesman days! Haha!

Anyway, after over a decade, I was back in the Parliament. The last time I was there was schooldays (I'd say when I was a school kid.. but some FB friends say that Form 6 is not school kid - yeah rite -.-).

Going into the Parliament was a mix of being anxious, excited and proud. And, it was fun going into the  Parliament - yes, I felt like a tourist of sorts.. and no, I wasn't there for a visit. Haha!

House Searching!

buy property pj
The view from one of the condos I went to see. Can u guess where?

I've also been looking at some houses around Pea Jay to buy. Seen a few, and am learning about the property market. I'm in no super hurry to get one and am taking my time on this.
Cos like most of the things I do - the house has got to be just right, and near perfect, if not perfect.

Sunset Gazing!

sunset pj

I've also been enjoying the views of the sunsets a lil more these past weeks.. the reason most likely cos I could spend a lil more time in the evenings.. I always love the evenings, and am glad I could spend that short magical moment of the day.

Enjoying Some (ok, more than some) Good Food!

kl hokkien mee

While a fair bit of Pea Jay-ers hate going down to Kay El, but I'm okay with that.. and quite enjoy it too, actually. To me, there's somethings in Kay El that is still better than what Pea Jay has to offer, despite me loving Pea Jay much.

For example, take this hokkien mee sold at Petaling Street. Definitely the best I've tried so far! And so, I was back here the other day.

Besides the hokkien mee, I quite enjoy walking along the make shift stalls with their rather unique tees and other fake goods. To me, this is the real Kay El deal. Yeah, call me a tourist.

Tattoo Curious!

tattoo kl

Btw on this recent trip, I took notice of the tattoo parlours around the area. It's funny how I don't really remember noticing these before, but this time round, I took extra attention.

Yeah, the temptation of getting a tattoo has been on my mind for a bit now. While it's cheap/ affordable to get one (heck, it's only like RM200?), but the thought that it remains permanently still lingers on my mind. And the right pattern, the size, the colour, and the after effects made me just 'admire' the pictures displayed outside for now. (seriously, if you are to get one, what design will u get, and where will u put it?)

Well, that's roughly some stuffs that I've been doing of late. In fact, there's more - cos I am quite a lepak-er of late! Haha! But well, I'll keep those for another post! (yes, there is really that many!) :)


  1. wow! looks so yeng there! :D well hopefully u found ur desired house! ;) gud thing is no super hurry, hehe

    love the sunset view thr! looks so nice wor. :D i dnt even dare to do tattoo. :p did one semi permanent during school time n nah not gonna go thru the pain for permanent one. :p

  2. Ouh....what were you doing in the Parliament? :p

  3. I would like to Tattoo A Mustang! 2nd WW Battle plane. :)

  4. Eh, I thought I left a comment earlier, no?! Hmm...I must be dreaming! Haha! :P

    Anyway, I'm glad you did enjoy your recent day off / holiday.'re memang a die-hard kaki lepak-er when you're not busy working yourself off, ya?! Hehe... :P

    And regarding to your tattoo question, I love tattoos too and I dream of having a small tattoo shaped like a dragon or some mythical symbol on the back of my neck. I saw it once on a few ladies and I love it!^^


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