Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Owh.. Crazy Love!

Love, love and more love.

If you are connected with me online, you can see the many LOVE postings I've done - be it on this blog or through Twitter & Facebook.

And guess what.. here's one more to add to the many!

The current project that I'm currently doing is having a contest for the fans - with the prizes: 2 pairs of Michael Buble's upcoming KL concert tickets.

All the fans need to do is complete a slogan:
I love ______ because ___________ .

Yeah, you can guess who came up with that idea! Haha!!

Anyway, the contest has been running over a week now.. and we've received a fair bit of LOVE dedications that truly melts the heart. Here are some of them:

crazy love dedication contestIt sure touches the heart to see how a daughter loves her dad that much :)

crazy love competitionOr the fact how a couple's love is so strong despite it being 9 years ago..

crazy love dedication michael bubleSimple, but sweet (can u see yrself smiling reading this?) :)

crazy love dedication contestWe all know a mum's love.. and it is nicely spelled out here :)

crazy love dedication michael buble contestOk, this is a lil funny, but still, we know the love for the mum is there!

crazy love contestWas sweet to see the love dedication to a sibling. Don't you agree that sometimes apart from our parents, our siblings can also be our best pals?

michael buble concert contest malaysiaAnd as for this person, she values her friendships with her friends. And I'd agree with that too. Cos good friends are really the ones who shares our ups & downs.

For the fun of it, I too did 'join' the contest for the fun of it (tho yeah, as the organiser, I won't be allowed to win) :)

Here are shoutouts which goes to my mum & bro:
michael buble crazy love contest mum malaysia
crazy love contest brother michael buble

There's still time till this contest ends (6th March 2011). And maybe I'll dedicate a few more to the other people who I love cos in many ways, it feels therapeutic shouting this out - the feeling of being grateful :)

Anyway, till then, happy loving! :)

*Btw just in case ur keen, more details of this contest is at: Project O&O Fanpage. And if I may add, even if you don't want to win the tickets, try sharing your love out.. in any way/ medium. There's just some good feeling after doing it (well, at least it did for me!) :)


  1. So a lot of love for our parents aye. :D

  2. Aww...reading all those lovey dovey messages just warms up the heart~ This is what the world needs, more love instead of hatred. Peace! ;)

    And, may the best one wins the tickets! All the best and good luck to all the contestants~ ^^


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