Monday, March 07, 2011

Some (Deep) Thoughts

Recently Ive been thinking a fair bit (some deep thoughts).. these are pretty random, and I'll just share them..

1. Getting a property...

verve suitesI've been thinking about getting a property since last year.. and it is much stronger now. Paying rent is not an investment, and in some ways is similar to monies going down the drain (in the long term).

But like my tweet the other day
"buying a property is like choosing a spouse - there's so many options & things to consider".

I know I prefer a condo over any other houses for my first property. But that's not the only question to think of.. location, budget, long term evaluation, etc are the many others things to consider.

2. Many Ways To Achieve Ones Dreams..

dream job
I've always believed in one living his life to the fullest, and for one to take steps in living his/ her dreams.

Looking back, I've done the rather 'daring' step into being an entrepreneur to realise my dreams after graduation. The journey has been bumpy, but I've got no regrets for I have actually accomplished some of my life dreams through that journey.

Now the next question is... there are many more dreams that I'd like to do.
But do I need to really do it full time, or can it be done at a side? Funny that I maybe asking this question, but yeah, I got to admit that this is something serious which I've been thinking about.

There are many reasons for me to think about this. Partly, I'm a lil exhausted. No particular reason, but plain exhaustion (wonder if any of u felt this way before?).

And at the same time, I realise some of my other dream projects do not require full time attention.. except say for a very few - and that relates to the next point.

3. Acting & Mandarin, Tagalog and English..

acting oscars

I have this ambition of going into acting.. but I'm concerned about the industry and how the actors are treated (even celebrities for that matter). That to me is one big pull back factor. Besides, it's not easy making it big (but who says anything is, right?).

I've tried a few auditions and done a fair number of printed ads (the ones that appear in print eg on newspapers & even the wrap around the bus/ MRT), but yet to really go into acting.

Apart from the previous concern, I have questions like - where should I focus acting at? I think that for Chinese is a lil tough to be an actor here in Malaysia. Usually, the Chinese from wherever they are make it big in Taiwan (maybe HK). But Mandarin.. ahhh, that's really not my strength. I can pick it up, but recenlty in the past few months, I somehow don't have the drive & interests to master it.

Ahh, and then, there is the Philippines entertainment industry. Will it be better there? I don't know. Will it be easier? I don't know too. And is it worth a try? I also don't know. But I do know that Philippines speak English there, and Philippines talents are quite recognised in Hollywood. Plus Malaysia's Carmen Soo did make a bit of a name over in the Philippines.

Oh well, thoughts, thoughts, and more thoughts. Anyway, I know I got to sort these out. I'm taking some steps already.. Hope to update soon :)


  1. I still believe that Malaysia is a huge playground for you. Make your mark here then spread your wings to Phillipines. :)

  2. Finally, I've the time to dropped by your blog today after spending the whole day celebrating my birthday!^^ those were the things that were on the back of your mind recently arr?

    Well, guess what?! You're not alone, QuaChee! I'm going through the similar if not the same situation as you too. ;)

    First of all, you know I'm in search of a property too but instead of a condo, I prefer a house but after talking to you a few months back during CNY, perhaps buying a condo seems like a better option after all considering the many benefits it has over a house but I'm still undecided. ;)

    Next, yes....despite my positive and happy-go-lucky attitude and outlook in life, I'm feeling kinda exhausted of late for some reasons. The last time I checked, I had a slight high blood pressure, my chest feels heavy and I have some difficulty in breathing. It must be caused by the stubborn and ridiculous students I got this year. A psychological effect I guess. =.="

    It somehow made me think, is this what I really want to do for the rest of my life? Teaching? I know it's a stable career but my true passion lies in other things besides teaching. I'm still unsure of my dreams and the path I should take. I'm basically still searching for my purpose in life. :)

    Well, that's something about me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, QuaChee. It's always good to talk, share and channel your negative energy away from you to remain healthy, strong and positive.

    All the best to you, QuaChee! May your dreams come true~ You've worked this hard to achieve what you've achieved now so what is there to lose if you just spend more time to achieve more in life, right? ;)

    Gambateh!!! Stay smart and positive, QuaChee! You have my support! Wee!^^

  3. OMG! Erika just wrote an essay here! LOL!

  4. Go get Vivaldi @ MontKiara. LOL!

    Go Philippines!!! : )


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