Friday, June 04, 2010

Hey You, Strawberry Generation!

I have been in touch with people born in the years of 1981 - 1991 quite a fair bit. Yeah, the Y Generation people.. or also known as the Strawberry Generation (Cǎoméi zú)!

Huh, strawberry gen? Yeah, that was my reaction too when I was told about these generation being named after quite a pretty & at many times sexy fruit. But that's not what it really means..

Well, yeah, they can act cute & all, but really, this strawberry generation are those who bruise easily (hurt easily), are extremely pampered & sheltered.. and are so self centred.

These maybe acceptable if they only mingle with the other strawberries, but the problem arise when they have to interact with others from different age groups. And the problem is more apparent when they are in employment.

While it is good to care for one's ownself, I notice that this generation can be so into themselves - where they do the things they like, pleasing no one else but just themselves, not even caring for their teammates or the company.

Their work are wishy washy, incomplete, even though much has been told on what needs to be done (and the rest to use one's heart & brains!).

To some of these strawberries, rules to them are not only to be bent, but also broken.. they don't listen.. and worst of all, some of them are rude to the extend of demanding - even on rights which are not meant to be given, until they are proven worthy of.

I've even encountered one strawberry who thinks that she is so highly capable when beneath her lies a very shallow & hollow person.. one in her own world! Yet, the things she demands makes as if she's the most qualified person not only in her batch, but one of the best say, in Malaysia! (seriously, like real like that!)

Though I am too from this mushy squashy generation, but I think some of us set the standards apart. In fact, there are many good ones out there as well - some way younger but have also achieved so much. If only the bulk of these strawberries can learn from the rest & prove that they too are one generation to be remembered apart from their oh too cutesy antics!

*This post is specially dedicated to the 2 bruised strawberries who I've encountered with.. which I think should be 'squashed' and made into strawberry juice! For the rest straweberries, please buck up.. or ur going into the blender too!


  1. not only the strawberries bunch does this. it depends on one's growing environment too. need not be pissed with this kind of people. sooner or later, they will find out what's right to do, and vice versa.

  2. agree, it dont only happen to these people. but this group seem to have more.

    on whether they'll learn sooner or later, that one i dont agree. some will. but i can tell u some wont too.

    and its not right for them to make trouble for others - age is not an excuse.

  3. Believe me...they are really spoilt to the max. The thought everyone owes them. :/

  4. this post kinda lowered your own image, a black dot among the other posts that you write..

    was just accidentally bump into your post, would like to say dont just write anything from your own viewpoint only, maybe you can see from others too..

    your other posts were fantastic.. hope to see more of those compared to this one

  5. @tekkaus
    oh u experience them too? haha, so im not alone :)

    hi annonymous
    thanks for yr feedback. its just a point of view. i do see what others see too. but this happened a lil bit too much at that point, and i did some research as well (asking around & online).

    but in any case, like i said, thanks for the feedback.

    more inspiring things ahead :)


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