Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Cool Duets

There's quite a few rather 'recent' songs that I quite like.. interestingly, many of them are duets!

The first one that made me like instantly is Hua Sha (Jay Chou & Cindy Yen). Listened to this while driving, and found it just so cool. Simply love the arrangment..! (btw it sure helps for it has a good dose of the very talented Jay Chou in it!)

Then of course, there is the ever popular duet by Boys Like Girls & Taylor Swift. Though not an instant like for me, but the over & over again airplay finally made me feel for this song. It is after all a very cool arrangment & uplifting song.

Then came this song: Man Man by Rachel Liang & Wang Zheng Liang. Similar to Hua Sha, I instantly liked it.. and yes, this was the top top song for me for a very long time..!

And finally, the song which I shared previously, sung by Filipino singers - Christian Bautisa & Sarah Geronimo: Please Be Careful With My Heart.

I guess there's just something about duets that make me tick! I wonder what duet will be up next..! :D

What about u.. do u have a favourite duet?


  1. I love the Hay Chou one. It is my favourite. :)

  2. My current favorite Y2J 神木與瞳 - 為你而活 ~;). Can only swing with the beat dunno much what's in the lyric. tQ


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