Thursday, June 24, 2010

1Malaysia U Make Me So Headache

Yes, that's life of an entrepreneur. But today, I'm sharing one of the headache things an entrepreneur faces here in 1Malaysia. 

I'm planning to create an e commerce mall, expanding beyond books.. and the first thing that comes to my mind is to get the name of the mall..

Now, here in this 1Malaysia land, I need to find one name that appeals to the 3 biggest markets - the English speaking people, the Malay speaking people, and the Chinese speaking people. 

Aihh.. here we go again... If I'm in Japan, all I need is a Japanese name using Japanese characters. Or if I'm in China, all I need is a Chinese name. But here in Malaysia, some names I proposed will either be So Melayu... or So Cheena or even So Foreign! And that is a BIG No-No!

So my first solution.. how about a name that is a combination of 2 languages or 2 words from the same language but when combined, becomes a new word... here are some examples I found (tell me if it's too one race bounded):
Solaris = So Laris
Sri Hartamas = Sri Harta Emas
Alamanda = Alam Anda

I kinda like the word Solaris, sounds So Cool. And yes, I like to use the word 'so' or even 'mas' too. But are there any other words that can go with these (that is suitable for a mall)?

Think as much as I can, I still can't think of 2 words that can be Malaysian enough and that appeals to the 1Malaysia people.. yet having an international feeling to it. Hmm... 

Then something strike my mind.. maybe a Chinese name like our politicians can be it? These are Malaysian names.. so ain't it  suppose appeal to all?
How bout or (after all, we have Lim Kok Wing University right?). 

And here we go again & again.. I'm still clueless on the suitable name.. 

Oh 1 Malaysia... u sure make me So Headache!

*Do u have any names to suggest?


  1. You are correct bro. It is hard to find a 3-in-1 in our market. :( I can't even think of anyone.

  2. it doesnt reli matter wat name as long as it is beneficial to us..

  3. Hie Bro! I have just "bestowed" an award to you. Drop by to my site to see what you have received.


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