Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hi, Do You Exchange.. Carpark Tickets?

Was walking towards the basement, heading towards the car park machine. There was a group of people surrounding the machine.. well, that's quite a normal sight. Just that, instead of paying, their eyes were gazing around. Hmmm... Anyway, people can be weird, so let's just do my thing. 

Headed towards one of the self pay car park machines, and then suddenly I heard footsteps behind.. which sounded like a hurry one. 

"Excuse me...".

"Errr.. ya?" me getting into 'self defence' mode to the thought of a sales person approaching for a donation. 

"Can we, exchange parking tickets?" 

"Huh?" thinking I heard wrongly. 

"Oh u see, we want coupons which are later (ie enter the carpark later) than ours.. cos we are working here". 

Oh, then I got it. You see, some malls have this ruling where the first ___ hours is only RM__ (in 1 Utama's case - it's RM1 for first 6 hours). But every hour after that, the rates are charged by the hour. 

So, it does make sense for those employees parking for a full day in the mall, to continue to swap carpark tickets to 'maintain' in the 6 hour bracket.

Out of my daze, I gave her my ticket though it was only a 10 minutes difference from hers.. Well, at least it saves her a bit of time there.. and that she & her friends search for the next 'victim' has most likely to go on for the day.. 

As for me, that's another first experience living in the Klang Valley!

Do you exchange carpark tickets too?


  1. Whoa nice! haha i never drive n park, so never get that experience. lol

  2. oh.. i experienced this before in Penang queensbay mall, one cutie girl was standing near the machine.. she was very polite so i exchanged with her and she happily walked away.. :)

    btw, quachee, its been a long while since i last came here.. remember you cos u gave me the Malaysian booklet before.. :)

  3. WOW! This is my first time hearing such doings. Haha.

  4. I myself never bother to do this, but have heard of others doing it. Haha!

    Btw, you are tagged. Check it out HERE : )

  5. I have never exchanged carpark tickets. Weird. :p

  6. i've given my parking ticket to others b4 (still got like 50 minutes left) but i was given before by nice samaritans before, thats where i learn from ^^

    xoxo elle


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