Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh Gimme A Break

I remember clearly how the past 2 years has been such 'honeymoon' years for me.. traveling to a fair bit of places all around Asia & even to Frankfurt!

But 2010 is different.. Im now based in homely Pea Jay (PJ), and have an office & team to take care of. Gone are the days of being a freelancer. That means gone too are the days of having to travel as and when I liked.

Well, the only travel I've done this year is to Bangkok - which wasnt a holiday at all. We were so busy with the Bangkok Book Fair, though my teammate & myself did managed to take some nights off trying some good Thai food & night scene. But that's about there.

The other travel I did - well, errr.. visiting Singapore! I went back to the lion city for friend's birthday & weddings.. and recently for the Singapore book fair too. All the while, my time there is short.. and I hardly went out! In any case, I don't think I need to jalan jalan Singapura - having stayed there a good 8 years..

So counting my last holiday to Cherating was a good 7 months back, Im already aching for a break today.. a desire to travel, to break that routine, take a rest from the busy & heavy workload as an entrepreneur.. and just get some inspiration (I always do when I travel).

Ive thought of Taiwan for a while now.. but it's not worth going for 3 days & 2 nights only. So Im thinking of somewhere else.. something I can do over the weekend with just 1 off week day. And that's gonna happen soon - finally!

Now, can u guess where will it be? :D


  1. must be good to be the boss huh! :p

  2. That will finally be....Taiwan? :p

  3. @tekkaus
    yes being own boss feels good. but there's a lot of things to settle as well.. 2 sides of the coin i guess :D

    eh eh.. u noe already arr.. haha!

  4. now as a freelancer ah??? okie this is d 1st time i dropping by. :)

  5. Krabi sounds like fun. Weekends are great for short getaways and there are lots of holiday destinations for this purpose. Enjoy yourself, QC.

    Good to hear you've been busy.

  6. @caroline
    thanks for dropping by. me now no more freelancer d.. so not so free d.. but well, i think its important for me to do so to realise my dreams :D

    @happy surfer
    bz bz indeed. haha.
    u been to krabi b4?


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