Monday, November 27, 2006


A friend came over last night and passed me a DVD that has been told to me by five different people since August this year. All their comments have been very positive - aksing me to go watch it. So, when my friend came over last night and said 'You must watch this DVD - very powerful', I was delighted...!

It was rather late (12+ am), but I just had to watch it... this DVD has made me so curious! So, tough a little late, I popped it in my computer, and watched The Secret being revealed!

After watching it, I now understand how certain things in my life have been achieved because I have been applying The Secret. One of the best examples are publishing my dream Batik Inspirations book because I visualised it, and really wanted it published.

And I agree too, that when I want to get that area of parking lot, I normally get it for I visualise it - and then like the DVD said, I send the 'energy' out.

A friend of mine just went for a back operation as well.. and the doctors were surprised with his recovery period. He could walk so much earlier than the others... I believe subconciously he too was believing in The Secret; ie that he wanted a speedy recovery!

There are so many other examples in my life and things that I see has happened because of this Secret. And now that I have learnt it, I hope to use it to a higher level - and to pass it forward... For those of you who have yet to watch it, I repeat what my friends have said - 'You must watch it. It is very powerful!'.

Let's share The Secret!

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