Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gardens By The Bay Singapore

Now, remember I was in Singapore in September this year? Well, during that trip, I was a lil more touristy.. ie, I visited a few tourist attractions.

And one of them is the Gardens By The Bay.

Honestly, when I was first asked to see the gardens, I was "err... gardens". I mean, I do appreciate nature and plants, but visiting this city for its gardens?

Well, I gave in, and visited the Gardens. And in fact, I wasn't disappointed but did had quite a nice time there!

The journey started off from the MRT and then passing by the Supertrees. Yes those manmade trees like those in the sci-fi movies!

I'd say the sights of these tall trees even in the day is quite impressive, and provides some nice photo opportunities. And in many ways, it reminds me of like being in Avatar or some Hollywood movie.

After a bit of walk.. under the hot sun, I arrived at the main area which houses the 2 main paid attractions.. the Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome.

I had wanted to visit the cool-er one first, and so visited the Cloud Forest. It is btw, cool-er in both senses.

Entering this area, the weather drops and it feels as chill as on one of those mountain tops. I like the waterfall that greeted as soon as I entered the area.

From there onwards, it's about walking upwards to the top of the waterfall.. seeing flowers at the top and taking a fair share of photos them.

The weather was nice, beautiful views (in a dome overseeing the bay and the city).. making me wanna stay on there. But then, I had the other sanctuary to visit - the Flower Dome.

This dome is not as chill and cold. If the 1st sanctuary greeted with the waterfall, this dome greeted with the baobab trees.

But apart from that, there are also many more flowers and also different cactus too. It takes much less time covering here - maybe partially because the journey previously have made me tired and so I did a faster walkabout. And also perhaps after seeing such big stuffs like Supertrees and manmade waterfall.. this seems less impressive.

Though in effect, it is actually still pretty nice.

Now, do I recommend you to visit this place? Yes, if you love nature and plants.. And yes if you have extra time in the island city of Singapore.

It's not something I'd purposely visit Singapore for, but more of by-the-way-while-I'm-there thing :)

*The ticket entries are averagely priced - in dollar sense.

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