Thursday, December 13, 2012

Singapore a Famous Frog Porridge: Tiong Shian Porridge

Are you a porridge fan? Or better still a fan of frog porridge?

Well, if you are and am in Singapore.. then do try out their famous claypot frog porridge in Chinatown.

That's what I did anyway while I was in Singapore recently. In fact, this wasn't my 1st time eating there, but probably I like it more now ever since I am now more open to eating porridge for meals.

The porridge stall is located at a corner coffee shop, not far from the MRT. It is quite easy to spot it actually. For the pathways will usually be filled with tables - where customers are having their bowls of porridge.

Now how is the porridge? I like the raw fish porridge, which ingredients are served separate from the porridge itself.

And somehow the mixture of the rather simple ingredients are pretty yummy.

The other porridge I tried is their famous claypot frog porridge. The sauce was delicious too and goes very well with the porridge.

Owh yes I must add.. the porridge here is nicely cooked. Not too watery but cooked rather just nice. That's how I like my porridge anyway, and probably many Singaporeans and tourists agree too! :)

*Tiong Shian Porridge
265 New Bridge Road
Tel: +6562223911

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