Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Summer Love: KL! CD Is Out And Remember The Time MTV!!

Finally after quite a couple of months of planning and working on producing the album, I can sweetly announce that the Summer Love: KL! CD is out!

Honestly, there's such a steep learning curve to producing this album. It's our 1st btw - and yes, I'm so proud to have produced this!!

It's something that I've always wanted to do.. and this year, I got this opportunity to work with my teammates to come out with our very very 1st album. I like this because while we have Ben CMX as the main composer, but we worked together on the direction of the album and songs.. with the songs finally having 3 different genres. 1 contemporary happy song, 1 Chinese pop (or shall I say Utada Hikaru's 1st Love Inspired), and 1 Kpop inspired song!!

Anyway, the CD has just been out!! The cover is nice, I must say! (okay, others have commented that it's nice too haha). 

And it features all my favourite songs! How not to be my favourite right? Cos the lyrics speak to my heart... after all, they are penned by yours truly! :)

I've so far passed the CD to FLY FM, and will be making my rounds to all the other stations soon - locally and overseas! In the meantime, I've been busy passing the CD to close friends who have supported us in this journey of ours! Here are some of them... :)

My music teacher.. a true supporter and who is pretty impressed with the works ;)

+Ben Chu, the composer of all the tracks with his er-hu instructor!

Juno, the singer for the Kpop inspired song ME & YOU! He is the first guy to receive our CD!! We bumped into him just as we collected our CD!

Me and best buddy, Richard.. he says about Remember The Time single - "It feels like one of those American pop songs!".  Yeah!!

Insta buddy, Daniel, all the way from Indonesia! 

Btw just as we produced the CD, we have also done a MTV for Remember The Time - the single that we think has the biggest potential to make it big, if ever. 

Here's the MTV, featuring excerpts from the web series Summer Love: KL! and also the singer, Kimmie!! Please listen to the song, and let me know your feedback!! :)

*The CD is not available publicly yet. As of now, the songs are also available for digital download via iTunes!! :)

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