Sunday, December 16, 2012

E SetiaWalk's Launch

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the E Setia Walk's launch. This is an online magazine for the SetiaWalk mall and they threw quite a party!

The party is held at SetiaWalk - at the open space beside Starbucks. They glamed it up quite well.. welcoming entrance, red carpet and also set up a stage.

And one of the highlights is the 2 retro cars! That provided quite a bit of photo opportunities and set the stage for the night!

There were some performances including that with fire. Well, it's not that I've not seen such before.. but well getting up close (I was close to the stage) was another thing.

The first showcase were the 3 girls who appeared at the front page of the first October issue.

And then, came the highlight of the highlight. 4 other girls glam-ed up in their evening gowns went up stage, and did a lil fashion walk on the red carpet.

These 4 girls are the final 4 chosen amongst hundred of girls whom the crew went around the city to scout for.

And on that night, they made their appearance to the public! Btw guess what? Those who attended the event could cast their vote to select the winner!

I, of course did too.. which to be honest, was a lil tough. These 2 were my favourites.. But well, in the end, I casted for this pretty girl!

Now who will win? Will the girl I voted be the winner?

Well, that will be revealed in E SetiaWalk's next issue.. where the winner will be featured on the cover! ;)

*SetiaWalk's magazine can be found at their website: SetiaWalk. And their Fanpage: SetiaWalk - Live Learn Work Play.

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