Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Understanding My Skin

Have you heard of Papulex? If you haven't, well it's the new skincare product in town!

And to make their presence known, they are running the Truthseeker Campaign.. where a group of bloggers get to learn about the different skin types, learn how acne is formed and how we can prevent them acnes from forming. And happy news - I'm one of the chosen bloggers! Yay!

To make it more fun, there's a mini competition amongst us bloggers! (gasps!). For we will each be pitting against each other to win a fully paid course of choice at the end if this Lead The Way Blogger Challenge. I've set my mind on a diving course!

So, we have got weekly tasks. And this week, my task was to visit a Skin Specialist. I visited Dr Hew from the Malaysisn Aesthetic Clinic (MAC) in Bangsar.

Now I've always thought that my skin is pretty fine. I mean acne.. those pimples right? Well, it only pops up sometimes. So that should be okay, no?

But owh, I'm a lil wrong cos even blackheads and whiteheads are part of the acne family.

And one cause is because of the oily skin. Again something I thought my skin is not. And again, I'm wrong.

Well I learned a bit more stuff at the clinic too. Like that my skin is "dull" (what a shock! haha!) and this can be a threat to an acne proof skin.

Finally, the meeting ended with me Iearning how to take care and prevent future acnes from forming.

All these are documented in the video below :)

*In next week, I'll be sharing a lil deeper on acne.

*Visit Papulex Fanpage at Papulex Asia. Owh and can you vote for me too - Lead The Way: Blogger Challenge? :)

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