Thursday, December 27, 2012

Weekend Getaway: Cyberview Lodge Resort And Spa

Never have I imagined a 'weekend getaway' from the city to a resort or hotel.. in the city!

I used to think "what were my friends thinking? Leaving their comfy homes to stay in a hotel over the weekend..".

But since I moved to KL, I too have succumbed to that. I've done a few weekend escapades, and staying at the Cyberview Lodge Resort And Spa is my latest conquest.

Here's my review on my stay there.

First off, the location of this resort is in Cyberjaya.. and approximately 30-45 minutes from KL city. In a way, this is like traveling off town.. like a mini holiday of sorts.

The welcome drinks were served in their pretty bar lounge. 
But that can also mean, one is stuck on Cyberjaya, and unless you want to visit Putrajaya.. or it's surroundings, one will most likely be spending his/ her time in the resort - all the time!

The chalet like rooms. There are 4 rooms to a unit. Btw the outside looks so so but the interior is nice!
The bed looks so luxurious!
Couldn't help but to take a shot on the bed!
The verandah, overlooking the fountain. Really the city seems far away when at here. 
Now that's not a bad thing actually. For one, this 5 star resort is nice. The rooms are spacious and has a verandah to just chill and relax.

The bed is awesome.. and I could just spend my time there reading the iPad!

The swimming pool.. giving that kampung like feel. 

Me, on the hammock... against the waterfall backdrop!

Chilling time!

Then, there's the picturesque swimming pools which comes with a mini waterfall. This was where I spent my time in the evening. Owh, and it has a hammock too.. all making it feel so resort like, and nearly island like!

The Chinese restaurant. Very nice exterior. 
Now what to do after dinner? There are restaurants to go to.. though for me, I actually drove out to the city (well, don't blame me.. my family from Outstation were in town - so that's a good excuse! Hehe).

Breakfasts - it can still be nice, by picking the right good stuff!
The next day was a nice morning breakfast. Nice because the outdoor dining area was nice. Food wise, it was okay tho.. not the 5 star style I was expecting.

Anyway, the whole getaway to this nearby resort is pretty cool. I wouldn't mind doing this again.

And maybe the next time, I can spend some time at the spa too!! :)

*Persiaran Multimedia
63000 Cyberjaya
Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: (603) 8312-7000
Fax: (603 8312-7001

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  1. You used the MBF Card special rate offer right? Hehe. Almost wanted to spend a weekend here too but decided not to : )


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