Saturday, December 22, 2012

Kuala Lumpur City Gallerry

Kuala Lumpur has a city gallery!! Boy, this is quite something for KL!

I've seen other cities already having something similar, but always wondered why we don't have one here in KL.

But well, now we do - and it's a lovely one to boot! Something I found out as I visited this gallery recently.

Located in the heart of the city - at the old National Library lies this quaint gallery. Location is perfect - just in front of Dataran Merdeka! The exterior of the building is nice too. Well the buildings around that area are all with quite unique architectures.

And the inside of the KL City Gallery..? Impressive!

Guests are first introduced to the heritage buildings of the city. There's some miniature buildings, and information boards bout the old buildings in the city.

Heritage lovers will definitely find this useful, and interesting.

Upstairs, guests are shown a miniature city map containing all the buildings in KL, scaled accordingly. Wow! The work done is pretty amazing, and it is nice to see KL from that point of view.

Another section of the gallery is a mini gallery of the factory area, where the sister company Arch shows how they make the KL miniature city, and their other wood work products.

I learned a bit here too - on how labour intensive is their work to create every piece of work. Take a miniature building for example - they actually first get various wood of various colours.. cut them out piece by piece, and then paste each wood to form the building. It's ok for smaller objects, but their bigger works will take much more time.

The end of the gallery is a very nice souvenir shop - something that KL needs! For it has many unique and creative items.

A lot of the souvenirs are from Arch itself, but they also carry some other stuff. Overall these souvenirs are not the usual ones that we see elsewhere. To put it simply, it's a unique collection of souvenirs that can make the KL-ites proud!! :)

Btw, so just you know - they also carry my 2 books that I publish!! Ah, am I proud to have my books in this beautiful gallery and shop!! :)

Overall, this Gallery is a worth while visit. I'll definitely recommend my overseas friends to visit here, and even to my local buddies who love heritage!! :)


  1. Hello. Nice write up! :)
    I'm looking for a place to bring my visitors from Mexico next month, besides all the famous buildings eg: KLCC, KLTower, CM etc... I will surely recommend this place to them. Thanks!

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