Thursday, December 06, 2012

Christmas Decorations At Pavilion KL!

I love this merry month! And my aim this year - to take photos and document all of the malls decorations into 1 blog post.

I've visited a few malls in KL, including Pavilion's. But after seeing how beautiful the mall is decorated this December, I've decided to dedicate 1 post just for Pavilion!

The whole theme is very fantasy like. There's the sleigh with Santa! This is cool as finally Santa gets to be all grand and pompous, just like how he is supposed to!

One can take photos with Santa - with monies going to charity.

Another thing I like about this year's Christmas is the structure in the middle which is like those in the theme parks.. except it's with a Christmas feel.

That's really nice, and made nicer by being blended in with the glittering Christmas trees and the all year round red carpet!

The whole place is fantasy like.. and truly a must visit if you are living in KL or coming to the city this December!

*Can't find the info on the snow that have been a highlight the past few years. That will be quite a miss!! Tho it's still worth a visit! :)

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