Monday, August 25, 2008

Kepiting Asap

A trip would not be the same without tasting the local food, and it's the same in Jakarta nevertheless.

One of the unique Indonesian food I tried is this called Kepiting Asap (smoked crab/ bbq crab).

This was introduced by one of our local Indonesian friend. It was quite a long journey from central Jakarta to West Jakarta (Jakarta Barat).

But I knew he must be bringing us to a good restaurant because the whole area is packed with vehicles! There was a jam in this long street area of restaurants.

kepiting asap, jam
The crawl

kepiting asap, smoke, restaurant
Can you see the smoke - it comes from the restaurant cooking the kepiting!

Along the streets there are a few Kepiting Asap restaurants. But we were invited to go to this one which is the most packed, even from the outside:

kepiting asap, restaurant
The outside of the restaurant

Interestingly, the kitchen is at the front of the restaurant as well - usually beside the entrance.

kepiting asap, live crab
All the live crab waiting to be cooked.

kepiting asap, live crab
The workers arranging the live crabs... with one trying to escape!

Customers are given the option to choose their live food fresh from the aquariums.

kepiting asap, live baby shark
One of the workers trying to catch the live baby shark.

kepiting asap, weigh baby shark
Next, to weigh the chosen catch of the day.

And while there, customers can peek into the open kitchen.

kepiting asap, kitchen
Just look at the asap! (smoke)

Well, the final thing is to have the food... a short wait and the food is being served.

First, the 'side dishes'.

The bbq baby shark.

kepiting asap, sotong, squid
The sotong (squid)

kepiting asap, prawns
The big prawns

We also had kangkung, and with rice.

And the big catch of the day...

kepiting asap, kepiting asap banana leaf
The kepiting all wrapped up in banana leaf

kepiting asap, crab
The cooked bbq crab

But really the best of the best is the kepiting telur (crab with eggs)! Delicious!

kepiting asap, crab with eggs
The main dish the restaurant is most famous for.

I found the food a lil overcooked, but nevertheless, delicious with strong & rich ingredients. Lucky me to have tried this Indonesian food thanks to our Indonesian friend! :)


  1. Makes me really hungry now, 11:59am only. LOL!

  2. Hi QuaChee, come see the mention I gave ur Book!!! Sorry it took me so long, but you know la must wait for the right time! :)

    Click Here!

  3. Q,
    They allow you to snap photos in their kitchen? Wow! What a good experience!
    Nice shots too! :)

  4. Those photos make me hungry at 2 in the morning haha

  5. When the restaurant is packed, it usually indicates that the food is good! Crab is my favourite seafood. I'm pretty sure the kepiting telur tastes delicious... yummy!

  6. Hello quachee! Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Anyway, I'm sure you had a great food trip. I want to taste those delicious and tempting seafood meals. Hehe!

  7. i haven eat crabs for a year now i think. I miss eating them!!! Seafood anyone?

  8. look yummy and i betcha taste yummy too huh? *salivating*

    ok time to go eat my dinner...

  9. to all
    yes, the crabs were good. enjoyed myself... thanks to my friend who brought us to a place that locals went.

    now im dreaming crabs again haha :)

  10. hellooo.. quachee... have you tried "saung greenville" at west jakarta?
    try it when you come here again... very good.


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