Sunday, August 10, 2008

Malaysia Book Update 15: Goodies

I've mentioned that there are more goodies coming along the way where the 50+1 Malaysia book is concerned.

I've already announced the 1st Goodie - that is a Contest For Bloggers to win a copy of the book.

There's 100 up for grabs... and it's relatively easy - simply write what you like about Malaysia - as it can be about your
favourite food (or restaurant we ate);
the last destination we visited (that we really like) or
even about any festival (actually, this Hungry Ghost Month can be one unique thing as well).

Some bloggers have joined, and you can read about what they LOVE about Malaysia here.

Now, I'm announcing the 2nd goodie which is a price offer . For a limited time, we are offering the book at RM19.90. This is really a Crazy Offer from its original price of RM51/ copy (that is more than 50% off!).

The reason for this is simple - we want to share this LOVE spirit to as many Malaysians as possible (as this is very much a local book). And also for us Malaysians to share our beloved home to our overseas friends.

The 3rd goodie: there is one more way to get your hands on the book.

malaysia 50+1 book, mix fm roadrunners

Simply tune in to Mix fm & wait for the announcement on where the Mix fm RoadRunners is going/ will be next... then simply be where they are and you can grab a copy from them!

So, there it is - 3 goodies announced for the 50+1 Malaysia book... let's spread the LOVE, Malaysia! :)

*The 50+1 Malaysia books should be available in all major bookstores this week. The 50+1 Malaysia book can also be purchase from The Malaysia Page.


  1. wah

    u really giving a lot of goodies.. heheh

    y buy when u can get free by blogging?! hehe

    keep up the good work promoting malaysia Quachee..

  2. Wow! More offers! At 19.90 it's a steal!

    I now humbly offer you an award for your excellent blog which I enjoy reading very much!

    Please collect your award at my blog

  3. That's really generous of you, QuaChee.


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