Monday, August 18, 2008

Indonesian Wedding

The main reason I'm in Jakarta is for my friend's wedding. Though I've already attended their ceremony in Singapore, but when he mentioned that there is one here in Jakarta as well, I jumped on the idea.

Well, it has been years since I've been here, they are my friends, and thridly, I've not attended a wedding in Indonesia, so this would be a good chance to see & feel the atmosphere.

Well, yes I did & really it was quite an eye opener for me to attend the whole process of the Indonesian wedding.

Just a few weeks before the event, my friend asked weather I could be the best man. Of course, I agreed for the same reasons... but didn't I know that I would be in a full 'traditional' wedding with all its traditions & customs.

So, the day prior, we were in church for the rehearsal. That was quite a learning an experience seeing how the Indonesians work from setting up the church for the big day & also organising the event itself.

The church was being decorated with flowers.

And then came the important day itself. First off, I was told to wake up at 5am for make-up. Huh.... The best man needs make-up too? Well, yes, but luckily, the wake-up call only came about 7am.

The make up bag, which even the best man was not left untouched.

In the make-up room (one of the function rooms in the hotel), the close family members were all 'done' up as well. This is my first glimpse of seeing how grand an Indonesian wedding really is.

Then next up was the event in the church, where there was a sermon, exchange of vows & rings.

indonesian wedding, church gift
The fan gift for each guest.

indonesian wedding ring
The rings.

Interestingly, the event was conducted in Bahasa Indonesia & English. And also, the word Allah is used here in translation of God. :)

The church ceremony was rather localised, and different from the usual ones we see on American TV - from the songs to the event proper.

Some of the songs were in Bahasa Indonesia. Even the ones in English were not the usual ones I've seen on TV). This was another good eye opener for me.

Once the church ceremony was over, we had a quick bite on the hired bus (all families, relatives & close friends sat on the bus). There was only time for packet lunch, as we had to head back to the hotel for the tea ceremony.

indonesian wedding, tea ceremony, tea cups
The tea cups, served on beautiful tray.

Interestingly, as little some of us know about Indonesia/ Indonesians (Chinese), their Chinese roots are still very strong. This tea event was held at one of the function rooms in the hotel too.

indonesian wedding, tea ceremony, red packet & necklaces
The ang pows! & necklaces

The couple were to give the tea to the elders. In return, the newly married couple receive the ang pows. Some gave the necklaces + ang pows. For me, I was the 'waiter', holding the tray & receiving the red packets from the couple. haha.

Then, comes the break, where families from both sides were to have a dinner before the actual night event. This was more to 'fill the stomach' as they will have their main dinner at the end of the big event. Again, this was held in one of the function rooms in the hotel.

It was also time for both families & relatives from both sides to mingle & get together further.

In the meantime, the couple were going through their 'touch up', while for me, I took a break at the lounge for a drink! (just had to get a break myself) :)

Up next, the main & grand dinner! I'll show you how grand Indonesian weddings can be!

*I guess some might want to see the pics of the beautiful princess of the day & her handsome husband. Well, let me try to see if they are willing to have their pics up, after they are back from their honeymoon.

*I enjoy seeing the Indonesians coming in their very best kebayas & batiks, and with the ibu ibu (ladies) having their hair all up & puffy ala Indonesian style. Truly, their culture & traditions still run strong.


  1. hi quachee, what a coincidence, i went to my colleague's wedding too just on saturday, but not to jakarta but to Kota near malacca. Drove all the way from IPOH and back in the evening to watch the badminton live... i guess u heard the news.. anyway, enjoy yr self in jakarta..take care.

  2. @reanaclaire
    for a few of us malaysians there, we were really into getting the results.

    and wow, u actually drove a distance to attend a wedding too :)

    yes indeed. thought it was quite unique hhaa


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