Thursday, September 14, 2006

One Step At A Time...

'Take one step at a time... slowly but surely', the takeaway from yesterday's meeting with a friend.

Says, let's make a small step each day to our goal, and destination... and finally we will reach there.

Boy, is she right! If everyday we do bit by bit on our work, business, dream, we will be able to achieve it in the end.

In business, there is just so much things to learn, especially when it's a new start-up... nearly everyday I'm learning something new... at times this can be challenging, and tiring too. But my friend's words were 'music to my ears'.

This reminds me of my previous thought that most (if not every) successful person - be it a sports player, singer, actor, business director, etc have been learning the 'trade' and polishing their skills each day to be who they are today... Many people don't realise the hardwork, behind-the-scenes they have achieve, but I'm pretty certain that they have worked very hard... and that they didn't become who they are out of the blue...

So for me, I can at least be proud that the steep learning process that I am in now, will be crucial factor in me achieving my dreams... and that I can say, well, it's a wonderful learning experience Sprinkler

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